Uhm.. yeah…

After this, they’re so not going to be friends when this is all said and done.

“Meet me in Ohio,” (Clinton) said. “Let’s have a debate about your tactics and your behavior in this campaign.”

Maybe they’ll put them in a steel cage instead of behind podiums during next Tuesday’s debate. Anyone want to come over and watch the bloodbath? 😆


11 thoughts on “Uhm.. yeah…

  1. not to sound like right wing radio, but you couldn’t pay me to run against the “clinton machine”. i think their gloves are finally gonna come off as she becomes more and more frustrated by obama’s solid speeches and the losses at the polls.

  2. the ultimate hypocrite. there was a lifesize cardboard cutout of her in the window of a record store and it made me shriek like a 4 year old seeing the exorcist. MAKE THE SCARY LADY GO AWAAAAAAAY!!!

  3. the first comment by jess, actually jim, though i couldn’t agree more. also, look at her face in that picture. it is scary, no thanks, don’t want to see that for 4 years. i am with tim on this one! heebiejebbies.

  4. The look on her face = the first time every dude’s mom caught him with porn. (ie, “I’m very disappointed with you young man!”)

    “Shame on you … we’ll talk about your behavior…” = the scolding every kid got from their mom at some point in their childhood.

    My point. The reason she carries NO WEIGHT with the young voter demographic is because NONE OF THEM WANT TO VOTE FOR THEIR EFFING MOM!!!!

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