Let’s get ready to rumble!


First it was on. But only in Ohio (or so I thought). Then it was off. Now it’s back on. Everywhere.

Tonight’s sparring match between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will be available for the whole world to see, on television and streaming online, on MSNBC. It starts at 9PM EST.

I’ll be here.


5 thoughts on “Let’s get ready to rumble!

  1. i just got a random call for the RI chapter of the obama campaign and had to spend 5 minutes trying to explain what i meant by liking the idea of obama as president but not being willing to vote for a member of one of the 2 major parties. i ended w/ “dude, i got dishes to do”. and that had very little to do with your post 🙂 gobama (tonight at least)!

  2. Man, what a frustrating experience. We don’t have “real” cable, so no MSNBC. I was going to watch the stream, but it’s so choppy – rebuffering every three seconds.

    I finally found a radio station streaming it live. Much better.

    What’d I miss?

  3. Thanks for the link. We don’t have cable either. I normally download the news and debate stuff off of NBC, but usually have to wait until the morning after. I’m watching the debate on my laptop right now.

  4. It wasnt as eventful as I would have hoped really but she needs to just throw in the towel after next weeks primary’s and get over it. He has her to far outclassed at this point for her to win if nothing else.

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