Finally, a cause we can all get behind!

Family Communications, Inc., the company that produced the famous children’s television show “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” is trying to do something special to commemorate the late Fred Rogers’ 80th birthday.

Fred Rogers Tribute Includes Sweater Day

March 20th is being promoted as “Sweater Day” to honor Rogers, who died of cancer five years ago. A sweater was his trademark garb on “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.”

David Newell, who played speedy deliveryman Mr. McFeely on the show, appears in a YouTube video that touts the event.

I’m in.

Here’s what I was thinking. Let’s all go to our local thrift store and purchase the ugliest cardigan we can find. Then wear the abomination to work on March 20th in celebration of Mr. Rogers’ 80th birthday. (I might even have to rock a pair of “indoor” Keds). Then, on the 21st, let’s return the sweaters back to the thrift store for resale, along with a bag full of gently used clothing from our own closets.

Who’s with me?


10 thoughts on “Finally, a cause we can all get behind!

  1. Hey! Why does it have to be the ugliest sweater? I think they look sharp! Just to let you know there is a store called the Thrifty Shopper that has special colored tags each week to give you 60% off clothing each week. Check it out!

  2. I thought ugly would be funner.

    I’m not familiar with Thrifty Shopper, are they a not for profit? Any idea what mission they are tied to?

    Being that my job is in public relations for an agency that provides services and job opportunities to our clients – who are blind or visually impaired – through revenues raised by our five Goodwill stores, I’d be remiss if I didn’t recommend your local Goodwill store for shopping and donations. Then again, I’m biased. 😉

    (Most of them have the colored tag clearance discount as well.)

  3. Apparently, they get more donations than they can use. The stuff is just dumped behind their building and left under a carport like shed or just thrown in the dumpster. That is why now take stuff to either Habitat for Hummanity, GCM or St. Francis house. St. Francis House is so desperate for large shoes they will take/ask for Nates old shoes if they were wearable at all.

  4. About Thrifty Shopper… It is based out of Syracuse. It is one of the largest places to house, feed and clothe the homeless. It also has GED classes and substance abuse classes. If the clothes don’t sell in a matter of weeks they sell the clothes to 3rd world countries. It’s suppose to be a Christian based organization… I worked there for a minute and couldn’t believe all the good stuff people discarded. We are copletely spoiled in this country and we still have homeless on the street… don’t even get me goin!

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