Ready or not – MMA appears to be here to stay


On Thursday CBS announced a deal with ProElite, a producer of mixed martial arts events, that will bring MMA to primetime network television in the near future. The network is planning to air two-hour special events four times a year on Saturday nights.

I’m way more of a boxing fan than I am of MMA. I’ve given MMA the “old college try” on several occasions, but have never been particularly excited about the sport. When the fighters are on their feet, I can sometimes get into the action. But when they hit the ground and try to win with submission holds, I have a hard time not turning the channel. Give me Friday Night Fights any day of the week.

But this is a really interesting development for the sport. Several years ago people were trying to get Ultimate Fighting banned. They cleaned the sport up a bit and repackaged it, and now it’s going to be on one of the “big four” networks. I guess it has officially come of age.


3 thoughts on “Ready or not – MMA appears to be here to stay

  1. well, i’m a big boxing guy too…and i agree with you about the ground stuff.

    i just like watching kimbo!

    now, the old school, no rules allowed ULTIMATE FIGHTER days…those were good times!

  2. Dude, I spent a big chunk of my weekend watching fight footage of Floyd Mayweather and Zab Judah on YouTube. I could do that all day long.

    I just can’t get down with MMA. It’s looks and feels a little too WWE-ish for me. And there are far too many sanctioning bodies to keep track of. It’s 100 times worse than boxing in that regard.

    Then there’s always that lingering feeling that these guys are just a little too close to the blood thirst of ancient Rome for any enlightened civilization to be comfortable with.

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