The best $10.75 I’ve ever spent!

Last night we finally got a chance to see U2 3D. It was by far the best $10.75 I’ve ever spent!

It’s tough to really put the whole experience into words. As a lifelong U2 fan it was an unbelievable musical treat. The sound was phenomenal, and the set list was a perfect blend of recent hits and older standards. As far as concert films go, this was by far the best I’ve ever seen!

The 3D effects weren’t annoying, and that’s pretty much all I asked. I didn’t want Bono kicking at the camera, or other cheesy animated gimmicks, and thankfully there were very few. Rather, the 3D imagery was used to give the picture a sense of texture and depth which really drew you into the experience more.

And what an experience!

During our walk back to our car after the film, my brief review was, “I don’t know if it’s possible for your soul to actually explode. But that’s about as close as I’ve ever come.”

If you haven’t seen it yet, you owe it to yourself to go. You will not be disappointed!


18 thoughts on “The best $10.75 I’ve ever spent!

  1. During the introduction to Where the Streets Have No Name Cheryl leaned over and said, “The baby’s dancing!”

    Feeling your unborn child moving inside of your wife’s stomach while Bono sings about his vision of Heaven. That’s what we call a “Moment of Zen.” 😆

  2. It was pretty spectacular. I could actually have done without the 3D. It’s not as annoying as old school 3D gimmickry, but it has some of the same pitfalls. The stuff in the very near foreground ends up looking disproportionately small compared with other elements in the shot.

    I’m not the world’s biggest U2 fan (I was sitting next to him), so I paid more attention to the technical aspects of the presentation. It gorgeously produced, to be sure.

    Did you see it in Imax or a regular theater, Shane?

  3. Unfortunately (I think?) it was at a “regular theater.” It as billed on the U2 3D website as an IMAX presentation in our city, but that wasn’t true.

    However, I was sitting next to my friend who works for Kodak and who actually had a hand in the production of the film. He said that it may have actually been advantageous that we didn’t see it in the IMAX format for a number of reasons (that it would take an RPI grad to understand).

  4. I think IMAX can be a bit too much. I find it difficult to focus with the screen so huge.

    A few years back they released some Disney animated features in IMAX, and they looked pretty bad. The small, sloppy drawings in the background were suddenly very large and noticeable.

  5. Yeah, like I said over on the Ardent site – I felt like I was actually at the concert again. I didn’t think it’d be possible to produce anything close to the experience of seeing them live, but this was REALLY close.

    One of my favorites was the birds eye shots they did directly above the drum set. That was pretty amazing.

    It was also an interesting set – a close line of spiritual and political blurring that only Bono and U2 can pull off. With the editing to string together the songs chosen, the whole coexist thing made a lot more sense as a political call to peace than a religious tolerance statement. I really appreciated that, but I’m sure it will be ripped out of context to bash Bono by theologically challenged Christians who are intimidated by his representation of faith.

  6. I think I’m headed for a third viewing, Shane.

    I had the great pleasure of seeing it twice at the IMAX in Indianapolis.

    If you loved a 2-story Bono, imagine six!

    Great review. I believe I would echo all of those sentiments.

    Love those in utero U2 fans!

  7. Of course the whole Coexist thing has been a bit controversial in some Christian circles. <Like Brett McCracken wrote in his blog, it’s all a matter of where your ear hears commas.

    On a call to peace, hey, let’s stop making war over ideologies, land, etc., of course I’m on board. The “one” message is very similar (in my opinion) to the Revelation 7:9 and Revelation 21 message. But it seems that if you’re not an ordained minister and you talk about things like human solidarity, an end of war, the coming age of peace and justice, you’re some new age fanatic whom should be feared.

    Anwyay. Now that I’ve likely thrown a match on a powder keg… The film was awesome.

  8. What you said about your soul exploding…that’s how I felt at the concert. The movie came close…but nothing beats the real thing.

  9. i want to know if it’s worth the $ for those who’ve had the pleasure of the live experience.

    and this reminds me…i was supposed to send jim a cd months ago 🙂

  10. When I got a job at the Maryland Science Center, the first thing I asked was “Do I get to watch the IMaxes for free?” and my new boss said “as many as you can stand”. I learned there was a limit.

  11. I’ve yet to blog about it but Shane is right on with his review. It was a great experience that made me remember what a man-crush I had on these guys “back in the day”. My only fault – too short!

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