And so it begins…


This evening we will officially enter the realm of the soccer parent. We’ve signed Josiah up for the MicroSoccer program at the Total Sports Experience. It’s a six-week program, where they learn some very basic fundamentals. At the end of each session they set up two portable goals and just let the kids go at it.

Last week we went out and got him some shin guards and cleats. Actually, we bought him seven brand new pairs of cleats. No, we’re not those parents. They were cheap on Craigslist. All seven pair, one in each each size through size 5, for only $32. He won’t need a new pair of cleats until he’s 12.

Yup. Cheryl’s a soccer mom. 😆


7 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Even if he doesnt end up playing soccer for Man U in Britain it is a good way to work on coordination and teamwork for a lot of other sports. I have coached a lot of YMCA teams of little soccer kids and its pretty funny to watch etc so I think you will enjoy it.

  2. I played soccer all through middle and high school, so I’m looking forward to passing it down to Josiah.

    I’m actually thinking about volunteering to coach tee ball in the spring.

  3. soccer’s the best. and craigslist rocks! we have gotten 6 free appliances on craigslist! and all kinds of other priceless stuff!

  4. Judging from the picture, I thought you were going to say that “it” was cross dressing.

    My son used to have to stand out in the field and point the way to my grandson. Like his father before him, he had no “hustle”. I said to my grandson “your friend Colin is very good at soccer.” Seth said “Colin likes soccer. I like chocolate.”

  5. They do look like they’re in skirts don’t they.

    I think for the most part Josiah really enjoyed it. He’s not so good at staying with the group and has a hard time paying attention to what he’s doing.

    He is my son after all. 😆

    He was a little upset that when they split into teams because he didn’t get to wear the red pinnie. We had to have a little talk about that one afterwards.

    But in all he had a ton of fun. He was really excited. He doesn’t get enough group interaction, so it’s definitely going to be a learning/growing experience for him. Which is sort of the point after all.

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