No. It’s not Over the Rhine.

I’ve had alot of people ask me lately if the voice on the new MacBook Air ad is that of Karin Bergquist, the angelic vocal presence behind Over the Rhine. It is not.

The singer’s name is Yael Naim, a 30-year-old French-Israeli songwriter with two full-length albums under her belt. You can hear some of her other songs – sung in both Hebrew and English – on her MySpace page.

Her tune “New Soul” has gotten alot of attention since Mac debuted the ad back in January. It’s featured on her self-titled album which will be releasing here in the United States on March 18th.

Let’s see: An infectiously happy pop sound. A voice as sweet as bubble gum. Easy on the eyes. Yeah, I think she’ll do alright. 😆


4 thoughts on “No. It’s not Over the Rhine.

  1. I am confused a young pretty singer not in rehab?
    Did not know there was such a thing anymore.

    All sarcasm aside I do like that she has a lot of instruments with her. I always like the sound of a bit more going on with songs like this than when its just a guitar and a piano.

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