Meet Derrick.

Condescending dude approaches a random young fella at an Obama rally. He fires off a few baiting questions, which he’s certain will expose him as the uninformed, emotionally-driven, ignorant young voter he assumes he is. Condescending dude gets owned.

Come to find out the young man’s name is Derrick Ashong (his story) – a socially conscious hiphop artist that goes by the name DNA. He’s an immigrant from Ghana, West Africa.  He’s part of a trio of artists that goes by the name Soulfège. They’ve started something called Take Back the Mic, which is “a movement to put meaning back into today’s music and to challenge a new generation of youth to speak for themselves.”

Oh, and he’s also a Harvard alumn.


5 thoughts on “Meet Derrick.

  1. E-A-G-L-E-S! Eagles!!!

    Just felt the need to point that out. That and I’m proud of Derrick for not punching that guy in the throat for his tone and assumptions.

  2. heh yay for educated people.

    I’m surprised that this video hit the youtube if it were coming from a republican trying to make a point.

    seems like it may be a set up but who knows : p

  3. There was speculation that it was a set up. His body language and the pace of the conversation seems pretty natural to me, not scripted anyway.

    The guy who posted this video has also posted two others from that day as well, with different people.

    The kid being interviewed said in a video he posted that they had never met before and it wasn’t an “Obama plant.”

    Who knows.

    Side note. On his band’s website they mention that Jamie Moffett directed one of their videos. Jamie Moffeet is part of Shane Claiborne’s “The Simple Way” community and is one of the creative forces behind “Another World is Possible.”

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