These kids are my new heroes. 😆

Middle school students in New Jersey felt that the half-hour they were alloted for lunch was simply not enough time to get in line, purchase their food and enjoy their meal. So, about thirty of them staged a little excercise in civil disobedience to prove their point. They paid for their $2 lunch in pennies.

When that day’s lunch period was over, the school was inundated with 5,800 pennies and many students had no opportunity to eat lunch at all.

As punishment for purchasing their lunches with legal tender, the school started dolling out detentions. But the next day many of their their fellow students refused to buy their lunches, opting to bring a bagged lunch instead, as a show of solidarity with the “Readington 29.”

The story picked up alot of negative media attention. So much so that the school’s administration buckled under the pressure and informed parents that their child’s detention would be voluntary.

Score one for the little guys!


5 thoughts on “Pennygate.

  1. If I read the article correctly, the school put it into the parents hands as to whether or not the kids would attend. If a parent felt it was worthy of punishment, their kid would be going.

  2. Nate and I ran detention & after school study hall (tutoring program) for a couple of years. We never had any students volunteer for detention. In fact Nate had to track down many students supposed to be in study hall (the coaches often assigned study hall for athletes). There was always one or two scrawny little guy who thought he could handle, elude or otherwise avoid Nate.

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