Another arrow in the quiver!


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Well, there’s another arrow in the quiver! We had our sonogram this afternoon and learned that we’re having another baby boy.

The doctor said everything looks great. The baby currently weighs 12 oz., which apparently is pretty good for this stage in the game.

Josiah came with us and got a real kick out of seeing the baby and hearing his heartbeat. His reaction upon seeing his baby brother’s penis for the first time was “whoa, it’s tiny!” I have a feeling he’ll be holding that over his head for a long time. 😆


(I’m told this is a penis.)


11 thoughts on “Another arrow in the quiver!

  1. Lol…You can always count on Josiah for the innocent yet inappropriate penis comment. He is your son through and through.

  2. Everyone: Thanks! As far as profile shots go, it looks like the boys will look pretty similar. It’s almost a spitting image of Josiah’s sonnogram photo.

    Rindy: Looking forward to a house full of boys! Also, nothing on the radar with the homeless at the moment. Open to suggestions though. What’s on your mind?

    Matt: Josiah’s best penis comment thus far came at the expense of my mother. They were eating lunch together at a restaurant when he blurted out that he couldn’t wait until he was a big boy because then his penis would be real big! She was mortified.

  3. He definitely has the Bertou chin. And looks a lot like Josiah did in his sonogram photos! Looks like I’m in for pushing out another huge Bertou head. Pray for me!

  4. I wanted to be all clever and leave some kind of earth-shattering Josh comment, so I typed “Congratulations, Shane, he’s got your opacity.” As in, “your child has mass and shows up in photographs just like you.” Ha ha, right?

    So just to be cautious, as I often do, I looked up the word “opacity” to make sure there are no secondary definitions that might change the meaning. Good thing, too:

    6. mental dullness.

    So, uh, yeah. The comment was abandoned and replaced with this awkward explanation of it. Enjoy.

    Oh, and congratulations.

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