Dear Jesus, thank you for saving me…

… from this.


15 thoughts on “Dear Jesus, thank you for saving me…

  1. Fanny pack! Baahhahahahahahah!

    Seriously. I had never heard this song prior to finding this video online. (Or any DC Talk really, for that matter.) So I figured it was really old, like probably mid-80s.

    When I discovered it was released in 1990 my jaw nearly hit the floor.

  2. “When I discovered it was released in 1990 my jaw nearly hit the floor.”

    That’s why I could never really get into “Christian” music early on. When I entered into faith in ’92 someone handed me a Petra tape and said, “If you like Nirvana, you’ll love this. Now go home, listen to this and bring your old CDs so we can smash ’em.” (sigh) I also got the Beastie Boys for DC Talk comparison. Actually it was any rap that I liked compared to DC Talk.

  3. We’re in the same boat. In fact, I was telling my wife last night that I’m wondering if this is part of the reason I’ve always felt like a square peg in mainstream Christian culture.

    When DC Talk was considered controversial in many Christian homes, I was listening to Public Enemy, Pearl Jam, etc.

    Navigating my way through “secular” media (music, literature, films, etc.) did far more to help me grow and mature in my faith than swapping it out for the Christian alternative ever could have. If anything, the Christian versions of all that stuff pushed me away from Christian culture. Irreparably.

  4. In the beginning I did have some exposure to “Christian rock.” I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to listening to a little Petra here or there. But it always kind of felt like I was eating sugar-free candy, and I eventually gave up on Christian music altogether by late junior high.

    I never heard a dc Talk song until my first year at Nyack. After seeing the video for “Heaven Bound” I somehow feel vindicated! 😆

    I did reconnect with Christian music in college. But I still don’t care for about 95% of it.

  5. most of my favorite music is the “unofficially christian” stuff – johnny cash, pedro the lion/david bazan (well, pre-2008 i guess *weeps*), u2, sufjan stevens, etc. i think the only genre of music where christian bands have been able to be real and honest and not come off as awful cliches is, ironically enough, in the hardcore scene. strongarm, zao, comeback kid, as i lay dying, xdisciplex – those bands are able to maintain dignity and be real about their faith and still appeal to kids who absolutely hate christianity. probably b/c of the whole straight edge thing being so prevelant there, the kids are used to preachy bands 🙂

  6. I was more into The Choir, The Alter Boys, AD, Crumbacher. I was always told they weren’t really Christian because they didn’t look Christian & they were bad role models. Gee, Michael English looked Christian. Oh, yeah my dad listened to Phil Keaggy, Phil Driscol & Dylan from his Christian period.

  7. I listened to mostly Christan music growing up. Often a band would release a really really great album and then the band either broke up or followed up with lesser work.
    I listened to: Adam Again, Dig Hay Zoose, Raspberry Jam, The Clergy, Dakota Motor Company, The Throes, Bride, The Prayer Chain, Sometime Sunday, Black Eyed Sceva

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