Will she denounce? Reject? (Or just sweep him under the rug?)


During the Democratic debate on February 26th, Sen. Obama was peppered with questions regarding the recent endorsement his campaign received from Louis Farrakhan, President of the Nation of Islam.

Obama’s reply was succinct: “I have been very clear in my denunciation of Minister Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic comments. … I did not solicit this support. … I obviously can’t censor him, but it is not support that I sought.”

Seeing an opportunity to pounce, Sen. Clinton interjected herself into the conversation, insisting that there is a difference between denouncing someone and rejecting their endorsement. She wasn’t going to be content until Obama rejected Farrakhan’s endorsement, which eventually he did.

It will be interesting to see if Clinton holds herself to the same standard regarding the endorsement she has received from New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, who was recently implicated in a federal prostitution ring investigation. Spitzer is a powerful player and a rising star in the Democratic party, and a close ally of Sen. Clinton’s in New York. Oh, and did I mention that he’s also a superdelegate?

Given how tenacious she was in insisting that Obama reject Farrakhan’s endorsement – an unsolicited endorsement from someone with no connection to his campaign – Clitnon should likewise reject Spitzer’s pledge of support.

So far she has declined to comment on the issue.

If Spitzer resigns, which seems likely, the Democratic National Committee has said that he would not be replaced as a superdelegate. So it’s likely that Clinton will lose his superdelegate vote anyway. But if she wants to the do the right thing, she should officially distance her campaign from the fallen governor – effective immediately.

Unless, of course, all that stuff about Farrakhan was just for show.


12 thoughts on “Will she denounce? Reject? (Or just sweep him under the rug?)

  1. the most ironic thing to me is that she will need to distance herself from one adulterer while clinging close to another adulterer…all for the sake of power.
    also funny: that people are so outraged about this adulterer (because he paid for it) as opposed to saying that the other scandal was “none of our business”

  2. I’m kind of surprised to see you employing Right-Wing-Blogger tactics, Shane. Your premise is correct, but your chastisement of Hillary seems more motivated by your infatuation with Obama than any real sense of outrage.

    If I were to find some quotes that painted Barack as a hypocrite (I’m sure they’re out there), would I be accused of slandering him? Or told that I’m just “afraid of his message?” When we cherry-pick things to get upset about based on our political biases, it doesn’t really promote constructive debate.

    I don’t mean to preach at you, Shane. It’s something I’ve been guilty of plenty in the past. I’m just weary of online political discourse.

    I liked it better when we were just making fun of that fruity Hillary music video. Can we go back to that?

  3. That’s fair criticism, Josh.

    It may have been a stretch for me to attach my ire for the way she’s running her campaign to this particular instance. Especially since a quick check of the news/blogsphere doesn’t reveal many others calling her on it.

    Perhaps a failed attempt to illustrate a larger point. That what’s good for the goose is apparently not good for the gander. Not in Clinton’s world anyway.

    You’re probably right, I should try to be more constructive.

    This was just another instance where I don’t feel she’s being consistent in how she’s demanding to be treated vs. how she’s treating Obama in this race.

  4. yeah, i am thinking if i were his wife, i think i’d be just as pissed about the 4 grand as i was about the woman! and seriously if hillary comes out and trash talks this guy we can call it a conspiracy!

  5. I think the last thing Hillary wants it more connections made between one of her key supporters and her husband’s past indiscretions. If I had to guess, I’d say she’ll continue to lay low.

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