Over the Rhine featured on AT&T’s “Blue Room”


Over the Rhine was has been featured in this week’s installment of AT&T’s Blue Room. During the interview they talk about the making of their most recent album The Trumpet Child, their desire to “go deeper” with their music and even speculate about what might be on God’s iPod. The segment also featured acoustic performances of “Entertaining Thoughts,” “I’m on a Roll” and “If a Song Could Be President.”

In other OTR related news, Cheryl and I had the opportunity to see them perform recently. They were in town opening for Ani DiFranco a couple weeks ago. We used the opportunity to have my sister and a few friends over for drinks before heading to the show. Although their set was pretty short, they definitely won over a few fans. City newspaper music critic Frank DeBlase had this to say in his review:

On Saturday openers Over The Rhine blew Ani DiFranco away. Sure, the Auditorium virtually offered the righteous babe a home-court advantage, but the vocal half of this duo, Karin Bergquist, floats in the same ether as Joli Holland, Neko Case, or Gillian Welch. It sounds so nice up there, doesn’t it? The music was optimistically dark; melancholy with a smile. And when you have no expectations, you still have the opportunity to get knocked out, no matter how jaded you’ve become.


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