The end of productivity as we know it!


Hulu launches publicly today. The site is a joint venture between NBC Universal and NewsCorp which features free full-length movies and TV streaming over the internet.

I took it for a brief test run this morning and so far I’d have to say that it definitely has potential.

The site allows you to subscribe to titles – including via RSS feed – keeping you up to date when new episodes of your favorite TV show are available to watch. You can also embed videos to external sites – so if for some reason you want to post The Big Lebowski in its entirety on your blog, you now have that option. The videos can also be viewed in full screen or “pop out” mode, which allows you do multitask while watching your favorite shows and movies.

The shows and movies do contain some advertising, but the ads don’t appear to be that much of an inconvenience. There’s a decent selection of films already available, with tons of new titles on the way. Oh, and did I mention that all three seasons of Arrested Development are also available?

Hulu just might be my new BFF.


8 thoughts on “The end of productivity as we know it!

  1. I never used (nor was aware of) the queue. I just clicked stuff to watch it. I’m glad it’s gone public and added all this new stuff – I was getting sick of the same 8 episodes of 30 Rock.

  2. wow…just took a peek…and then registered…and then watched 16 minutes of the Big Lebowski on my lunch break.
    “Donny, you are out of your element!”

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