Loved it! Liked it. Why do I torture myself?

Since we were still all recovering from being near death for the past two weeks, we spent another weekend on the couch. While fading in an out of consciousness, we watched a few movies. Here are my reviews in eight nine words.

Loved it!

Liked it.

Why do I torture myself?


9 thoughts on “Loved it! Liked it. Why do I torture myself?

  1. Which of those nine words do you not consider a word?

    I’ve heard so many bad things about Amazing Grace, I’m intrigued by your accolades. I hadn’t even heard of August Rush, but it looks OK. Actually it looks pretty good until Robin Williams appears.

    As for Bee Movie, well. What can I say. You’ve already taken that bullet.

  2. I’ve never been a big fan of the word “do.” Or counting I guess.

    Critic reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (which doesn’t seem to be the solid “go to” it once was) for Amazing Grace are pretty dreadful. But for whatever reason I really enjoyed it. Probably mostly because it was a film that deals with issues of faith and politics in the search for justice. I had never read much about Wilburforce, so I was really caught up in the story the most. Alot of scenes of debating from the floor of Parliament, I could see how some might feel like they were watching CSPAN – but I really enjoyed the back and forth on the issues.

    August Rush was a bit spotty. In order to enjoy it you have to pre-determine that you’re going to suspend critical thinking, because it is definitely intended to play to your emotions more than dazzle you with the narrative. Robin Williams was creepy, not my favorite role for him. The ending was extremely predictable. I loved the kid. Plus, anything with Terrence Howard gets a passing grade on principle.

    Bee Movie. Well, I’ve already talked about how completely unenjoyable it was. It was slightly better the second time around. We were throwing Josiah a bone.

  3. We heard that Amazing Grace has an awesome inspiring message, but that it’s hopelessly cheesy, manipulative, and awkwardly structured. I think we’ll still give it a go via NetFlix.

  4. I really like August Rush it does require quite a bit of non critical thinking but I liked it.

    Ive heard very good things about Amazing Grace but havent gotten to it.

    Seinfeld is one of my least favorite people ever so I never even thought to see the Bee.

  5. My review of Amazing Grace is under cathysfiddle at Netflix. I loved it. I love history, I love Toby Jones and I love the hymn.

    I just put August Rush on my que (ten minutes ago) when I read a review that said something along the lines of “if it was Bollywood, critics would be raving.” I love Bollywood, so sign me up!

    I prefer Eddie Izzard’s take on bees and also dislike Seinfeld’s humor.

    I hope you are recuperating. Folks around here keep relapsing.

  6. I had never heard of Eddie Izzard until I heard him being interviewed on a local radio station this morning. Now you mention him. Weird.

    We’re (mostly) feeling better. Still stuffy and coughing, and we’re all still a little sleepy, but it seems the worst of it has passed. Thanks for asking!

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