Adios Huskies!


While it’s been bittersweet watching my beloved Orange advance through the NIT tournament, seeing UConn get bounced in the first round of the “Big Dance” almost brought my college basketball universe back into alignment!

I (heart) March Madness!


9 thoughts on “Adios Huskies!

  1. Would you believe Nate couldn’t find anyone one to go see the NIT with him. It seems after the past 8+ years no one things the NIT is worth seeing.

    Oh, yeah ‘Gig Em Aggies

  2. Dude…very disheartening…

    You do realize that we the people from Connecticut…have no sports other then our beloved UCONN. No football, no hockey (used to have the Whalers), no baseball, nothing…

    Sad day…not to mention it threw my bracket off. I had UCONN going to the Sweet 16.

  3. question: why does everyone who doesn’t like duke hate them? they seem to be the skankees of college b-ball (or the patriots for that matter). it’s not like they win all the time. why the hate?

    but yeah, i don’t uconn b/c i don’t like connecticut as an entity, so therefore i dislike their university and it’s basketball team 🙂

  4. Dee, in fairness to Gators fans, after back-to-back national championships it’s gotta be tough to get excited about the JV tourney. Of course, the prospect of a Florida v. Ohio St. NIT final is intriguing! There’s no way that’s ever happened before, where last year’s NCAA finalists are this year’s NIT finalists!!

    Cricky. No hockey!?! How dare you downplay the AHL?

  5. Yes, the AHL is the highest level of minor league hockey. Living in an AHL city and having been a season ticket holder for our beloved Rochester Americans for several years, I just took grave offense at your assertion that you had no hockey in CT.

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