A question of neighborhood ethics…


Most of you know that we live in an inner city neighborhood. As such, our curb is frequently a repository for various items that people decide they no longer want or need. Typically whatever is left on the curb is taken in a matter of a few days. We’ve been known to donate unwanted items to the “curb fund” from time to time ourselves.

My question is this.

Next door to our house is a church and its adjacent parsonage/office. For about a month there have been four tires sitting on the curb in front of the parsonage/office. The city will not take them away with the weekly garbage pickup and no one from the church has taken it upon themselves to dispose of them properly either. I’m not sure where the tires came from, they just appeared one day out of the blue and have just been sitting there ever since. (If I had to guess, I’d say someone probably stole a set of rims and had no use for the tires.)

I’ve looked at the tires and they seem to be in decent shape. There’s alot of tread left on them and I don’t see any real signs of excessive wear and tear. I’ve been tempted to go bring the tires into my garage, snap some photos of them and sell them on Craigslist.

I figure they’re just going to sit there until somebody takes them anyway. Several Sundays have passed – the only day anyone from the church is even in our neighborhood to talk to them about it – and no one has bothered to move them. It would seem that the church isn’t going to take responsibility for them.

Would I be stealing if I took them and sold them?


18 thoughts on “A question of neighborhood ethics…

  1. There is never anyone at the church. Ever. They come in once a week for worship on Sunday afternoons and then they’re gone for another week.

    And don’t think that hasn’t affected my opinion of the church in the slightest by the way. 😉

    If it’s their garbage, it pisses me off that, as someone who has to live in the neighborhood, I have to look at it every day. If it isn’t their garbage they still should’ve taken ownership of the situation by now.

  2. By any chance is there a website you can contact them by? So I guess it isn’t a neighborhood church. That always bothers me when church loose touch with the neighborhood.

  3. This church most definitely doesn’t have a website. 😆

    Just to give you an idea, they don’t have a pastor, but they do have a “bishop elect.” The church’s name isn’t Abiding Love Deliverance Brotherhood of the Sacred Blood of our Redeemer in Christ – but it should be.

    But they do have office hours tomorrow, so maybe I will call them. Although I’m 99.9% sure they’re answer is going to be “what tires?”

  4. Shane-
    If they are on the curb and not the church property, then you would be doing a service to the community by picking up the litter…if you made a buck or two while your at it, so much the better.

  5. I did notice one of the tires seems to have significant wear. The others look good from what I saw when I glanced though.
    I say we just do a free curb alert on craigslist and hope someone takes them.

  6. Each tire is a completely different brand and model too, which will make it a little harder to sell as a group as I’m not even completely sure they’re all the same size (although they seem to be).

  7. So today, when I went home for lunch, I noticed the tires were gone!

    I kid you not. I see them sitting on the curb for over a month and no one lifts a finger to take care of them. I mention them on my blog and *poof* they disappear within 24 hours!!

    Don’t mess with me. I have powers.

  8. Oh mighty magic blog, I beseech thee on behalf of my good friend JoshWay. A lifetime of doing the Lord’s work at Nyack College has left him nearly penniless and destitute. Thankfully God hasn’t yet sent fire from the sky to burn up his sheep and servants, nor has he cursed him with painful sores from his head to his feet.

    But the brotha could use a buck. Heck, a million would be nice so hook it up!

    Let me know how that works out for ya!

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