So, whatcha doing this weekend?


So, what are your weekend plans? (Chalk it up to gratuitous blogging.)

Tonight we’re getting together with a few other couples for another round of wine making. Since we all blew through our last stash by using most of the bottles as Christmas gifts, we decided to have another go at it. This time we’ve brought another couple into the mix and we’re going to make a red (hooray!) and a white (blech). Afterward we’ll all sit down to a nice meal together – should be fabulous.

I’ve gotten back into watching recent movies lately, so I’m thinking of picking one up. Maybe Atonement or The Kite Runner.

Other than that, it’s March Madness baby!



2 thoughts on “So, whatcha doing this weekend?

  1. i went to my friend soixante’s birthday party at ye olde trinity brewhouse. my ex walked in with her ex (awesome!) saw me and walked out and then an opera singer flirted with me for 3 hours. i’d say yeah, good times 🙂 now to figure out a way to watch the red sox while working. hmmmm…

  2. We’re in Florida for Spring Break.

    (80s all week)

    Recently watched No Country with some friends and students – gripping, terrifying, award winning for sure

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