Josh Garrels – New tune, sneak preview!

Official fave Josh Garrels is currently working on a new album. He performed a track from that upcoming release during a recent interview with The Indianapolis Star. Enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


10 thoughts on “Josh Garrels – New tune, sneak preview!

  1. A little annoying that the video starts automatically. Every time you visit you’ll have to remember to mute your speakers or pause the video until it gets bumped off the front page. That’s going to get annoying quick.

  2. (New blog looks great!)

    Seriously dude, check his website for local shows. There should be plenty of them since he lives in Muncie. You will NOT be disappointed. I’ve seen him at least three times. Better every time.

    Search his name here and you’ll see more awesomeness!

    (Take the youth and the young adults!)

  3. thanks, Shane.

    Spring has sprung here in the Hoosier state.

    Very impressed with him, I will be watching closely.

    What’s the name of the (automatically playing) tune featured?

    I had the same problem with Jerry Seinfeld’s SNL skit on my blog (Mr. Thompson – check it out) for a while

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