Play Ball!


It’s Opening Day! Spring is in the air, the planets have realigned and once again all is well in the universe.

(And no, those exhibition games in Tokyo last week don’t count – even if they counted.)

Actually, it’s Opening Day for everyone but me. The Yankees and Blue Jays were rained out. A bit of an unceremonious kickoff to their final season at Yankee Stadium. Hopefully it’s not a ominous sign of things to come. 😆

But I am looking forward to watching a few innings of the Cubs game when I get home this afternoon. So far Zambrano and Sheets are lights out in that one, so hopefully we’ve got a little pitcher’s duel brewing.

This should be a national holiday.

(T-minus 11 days and counting until the Red Wings home opener.)


7 thoughts on “Play Ball!

  1. Mudpuppy is a Tigers fan too. I like them alot. They have a ridiculous lineup this season. Hopefully their pitching can keep ’em in it.

    Honestly, I’m a Yankees fan but I really just love the sport. I’m down with every team but the Red Sox.

    Ordonez was treating me well in that game from what I saw. He’s on my fantasy team.

  2. Now I know what it feels like to root for a team that’s SUPPOSED to win.

    Sort of takes the fun out of it, while at the same time makes it much more meaningful.

  3. it’s absolutely a sign of things to come! haven’t you heard, they’re “rebuilding”. nah, i’m sure that offense will get them into the postseason. but i can hope, damnit 🙂

    and i was, like basically all the sox players, unimpressed with the whole opening in japan. it’s dumb that they go play 2 games that count, come home, play 2 exhibition games in LA, and then go back to games that count. what?!?! i’m still psyched about the c’s, but of course nothing compares to the sox in this ol’ heart of mine. oh baseball, you make me proud to be an american.

  4. Didn’t look good for Kerry Wood or Eric Gagne yesterday – they were both complete disasters. It’ll be interesting to see how the Wood experiment goes in the Cubs bullpen. (Where did Prior land anyway?)

    But I cannot figure out for the life of me why the Brewers signed Gagne after what he showed with the Red Sox.

  5. the brewers signed gag-me b/c the nl is not as good and he may have just had an off year. playing in boston and ny is tough, a lot of guys don’t have it in them to pull it off. i think the brew-crew has a good shot at their division, though chicago might finally put something together, and i think the mets should take theirs, but philly looks good. i’m saying san diego in the west. in the al, i’m just saying boston. and ny misses the post season for the first time in what seems like a century!

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