Hillary: “Rocky and I have a lot in common”


While addressing AFL-CIO in Philadelphia this morning, Sen. Clinton compared herself to Rocky Balboa.

Recalling a famous scene on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art from the 1976 Oscar-winning film “Rocky,” Clinton said that ending her presidential campaign now would be as if “Rocky Balboa had gotten halfway up those art museum steps and said, ‘Well, I guess that’s about far enough.'”

“Let me tell you something, when it comes to finishing a fight, Rocky and I have a lot in common. I never quit. I never give up. And neither do the American people.”

Uhm… She does know that Rocky lost the fight in the end right? To a black dude.


11 thoughts on “Hillary: “Rocky and I have a lot in common”

  1. “Why do I have to keep proving to people that I am not a liar?!”
    -Hillary Rodham Clinton, 2000

    Show me a liar and I will show thee a thief, says the old adage. No truer words were ever spoken. But lying on a grand scale, for political gain runs the gamut. To this day, many believe FDR orchestrated Pearl Harbor; or, that if he hadn’t he should have. Yes, Hillary Clinton is a manifest liar. And, Hillary will continue to lie. But thank goodness for that. “Chill out” and let this woman go bowling, she’s got the balls. She’s going to get caught; just you wait and see: http://theseedsof9-11.com

  2. Actually…in Rocky 2 everyone puts the pressure on Apollo for a rematch…and they fight again in a draw.

    So…maybe Hilary is saying that if she loses to Obama, the American people will call for a rematch (just like in 2000) because she “never quits and never gives up” even if she loses!

  3. Good point! But, you’ve got your wires crossed.

    In Rocky II it’s Apollo who pressures Rocky for a rematch. He was angry that Rocky took him the distance in their first bout and began demanding a rematch while they were both in the hospital after the fight.

    At the end of Rocky II, Rocky wins by knockout. Remember that last scene where they hit each other at the same time and both go down? It’s Rocky who gets to his feet just before the 10 count.

    In the first movie they finish in a split-decision, but Creed is declared the winner by the judges scores.

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