Back (Two) the Future!

My sister gave me a Barnes & Noble gift card for my birthday that’s been burning a hole in my wallet for the past month. So yesterday I picked up the new albums by R.E.M. and Counting Crows.

Both bands have – in my opinion – put out lackluster albums since their “glory days” during the mid-90s. And they both have struggled to reclaim their musical identity for the better part of the last decade. And now they both are back with a vengeance. It’s like 1995 all over again!

I put a single from each album on my Muxtape so you can witness the resurrection for yourselves. (See how I worked that in there!) Here are my brief reviews:

Counting Crows – Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings: This is actually more like a split EP than a full length album. It’s broken into two parts, and each part had a different producer. Saturday Nights is loud, raucous and gritty; everything I loved about Recovering the Satellites. Sunday Mornings is stripped down, gentle and more textured. Both are solid and almost make me want to forgive them for releasing Hard Candy.

R.E.M. – Accelerate: Let me just put it this way. When I listened to this album with Josiah we had a dancin’ party. When’s the last time R.E.M. made you want to dance? It’s loud, it’s fast and it’s by far the best thing they’ve put out since Monster.


4 thoughts on “Back (Two) the Future!

  1. i did a cover of “mr. jones” on the umaine radio station once, only i was pretending to be bob dylan. i wish i had that on my computer 🙂 genius!

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