Lisinopril = my new BFF

On Friday I went to the doctor with a nagging cough and left with hypertension.

Actually, I’ve had high blood pressure for quite some time now. For months I’ve been checking it whenever we were at a store that had one of those automated blood pressure checker dealies. Each time I checked, it was sky high.

At first my plan was to ignore it and hope it went away. But it didn’t. (Duh!) Then, I tried to change my diet a little, but I’m not nearly disciplined enough to make wholesale changes, so that wasn’t going to work by itself. I tried to work in a little exercise, but living in Rochester isn’t the most conducive thing to doing, well, anything during the winter months.

So after some gentle prodding from my wife, I decided to ask my doctor about it while I was in his office.

He recommended I take Lisinopril for the next few months to try to bring my blood pressure down and normalize it. If I do that, watch my diet (salt in particular) and shed a few pounds, I might be able to come off it eventually. But given my family history that’s probably a long shot.

So I guess I’m posting this for all those guys out there who are like me; Your once active lifestyle has turned sedentary, you’ve added a spare tire around your waist, and pizza and wings are your Achilles heel. Hopefully the next time you’re near one of those blood pressure dealies you’ll give it a rip. If you’re close to redlining, get to a doctor.

It’s kind of stupid not to.


3 thoughts on “Lisinopril = my new BFF

  1. The warm weather has also made it more likely that I’ll get outside and get some excercise. Here’s what I’ve done thus far:

    Friday: Walked 0.7 miles
    Saturday: Walked 2.1 miles
    Sunday: Biked 4.2 miles
    Tuesday: Biked 3.3 miles, walked 1.5 miles
    Wednesday: Biked 3.5 miles
    Friday: Biked 3.4 miles

  2. Dude – right there with ya! I walked 2.6 on Monday and (stationary) bike 6.75 on Tuesday. I had enuf stress @ work today to make up for no exercise.

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