Medeski Martin & Wood: Free! On my street!! Party at my house!!!

See that image at the top of my blog? That intersection is actually a panoramic shot of my street. It also happens to be the exact location where one of my all-time favorite bands – Medeski Martin & Wood – will be playing a free concert on the closing night of this year’s Rochester International Jazz Festival.

8 days, 800+ artists, 250+ concerts and Medeski Martin & Wood closing it out for free.

Pretty freaking sweet right?

One problem. I can’t be there.

When I called home all excited to let Cheryl know that MMW was playing one of the free stages at this year’s festival, she reminded me that her mother was throwing her a baby shower that same day. Four and a half hours downstate.

Of course, because she is a very loving, compassionate and understanding soul, her initial reaction was “you don’t have to come, you can go to the show.” But let me ask you this, what kind of guy makes his 8-months pregnant wife drive some 300+ miles downstate by herself, to her own baby shower, ust so he can stay home and play?

So hey everyone. You’re invited to come to the Roc and see a fabulous band play a couple blocks from my house for free. Heck, I’ll even leave you my keys so you can throw your own party and have a place to crash afterwards. I just won’t be there.

Somebody please shoot me.


6 thoughts on “Medeski Martin & Wood: Free! On my street!! Party at my house!!!

  1. 3rd option

    Cheryl feels all the sudden on that day that she cannot make such a long trip being that preggers and needs to stay home sadly. Her mother being a woman will buy it cause of the whole grandchild womb thing and wont want her to put undue stress on herself. This will mean that you were not shirking your responsibilities nor will you miss the band. Its win win if Cheryl plays along!!

  2. Sweet. That comment was actually from my mom. They’re planning to go down for the shower. Cheryl can ride with them. It actually makes more sense for me NOT to go with them so they can take one vehicle and save money on gas.

    So, party at my house!!

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