Glory Hallelujah!!

The Office is back tonight! And if you need a little help scratching that itch, here’s tonight’s opening scene.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


5 thoughts on “Glory Hallelujah!!

  1. Cheryl pointed out something that was actually pretty insightful.

    Part of the reason it was so hard to watch is because of the break in action due to the writer’s strike. It felt like a season premiere going in, because it had been so long. So to have such a “serious” episode sort of caught you off guard.

    But in the context of the show’s storyline, it makes perfect sense. The last episode before the strike was when Michael blew Jan’s case against corporate. It was pretty tense at the end. This episode would have piggy backed that one perfectly.

    But as a stand alone episode… ouch.

  2. still haven’t seen it. work til 9 on thursdays and haven’t been able to watch it online b/c my connection is basically non-existant. hmph. BUT i heard that rainn wilson is leaving?!?!

    nice. 2 rainn wilson comments in 5 minutes 🙂

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