Bill Cosby – Gangsta Rapper?

Since we’re on the topic of hiphop today I figured this was newsworthy.

Apparently Bill Cosby is getting into the hiphop game. He’s releasing a CD next month titled Cosby Narratives Vol. 1: State of Emergency.

Now before you get too excited and start daydreaming about the many ways he might rhyme about Jell-O Pudding Pops and being a hiphop baby doc, or how he might rip a line pairing Huxtable with turntable, you should know that The Cos will not be doing any rapping on this album.

Instead the release is a blend of “the comedian’s concepts and stories with a hip-hop, pop and jazz soundtrack.” Guest emcees will rap about the value of an education and self-respect. (And hopefully Picture Pages and Pudding Pops!)


3 thoughts on “Bill Cosby – Gangsta Rapper?

  1. Picture pages! People look at me like I was imagining things when I talk about those. You’ve saved my sanity!

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