A while ago my boy Tim reccomended a documentary titled Scratch to me. It’s basically about hiphop DJ’s – from their role in the early emergence of hiphop in the late ’70s to the “turntablists” of today.

I finally got a copy of the DVD from the library and watched it last night. It was really, really fascinating.

Someone posted the whole thing online, which you can see below. If you just want a preview, do yourself a favor and skip to the 39:40 mark and watch ROC RAIDA’s performance. Freaking sick!


6 thoughts on “Scratch

  1. glad you got to see it! q bert is amazing. it’s so sad that the really cool underground hip hop that expresses creativity and intelligence gets only indie cred, while meat-headed rapping neanderthals on the radio and empty v get millions. then again…rock radio plays nickleback, so i suppose it’s a universal musical dilemma 🙂

  2. I really appreciate when elements of hiphop, such as “scratching” work themselves into other musical forms. When it works.

    At the end of the film, the guy is scratching to some classical music. That was pretty rad. (1:23:00)

    When I first heard the David Crowder Band I really dug their use of scratching in modern “worship” music. It wasn’t that tight, but they earned alot of respect for pushing the envelope.

    One of my favorite examples is DJ Logic’s work on Medeski Martin & Wood’s album Combustication. Acid jazz, a Hammond B3 and a set of turntables? Nice.

  3. fetch, i don’t know if you knew him, was a big MMW fan and he made me a copy of a live MMW album (maybe it’s the one you linked…not sure) and logic is on that. i liked it, though can’t find it now. i think it got all scratched up. no pun intended. wow. i’m lame 🙂

  4. I knew Fetch. My second year at Nyack we went to see Phish in CT. That’s where I met him and “Hippie.” I don’t remember the name of their band, but I used to have their demo. Unfortunately it’s long gone now.

  5. i have a live performance of theirs somewhere. they had about 50 names…the one i think they stuck with was black shampoo…but then when they moved to boston fetch joined a great band called . wicked funky!

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