Remember these two?

It’s been nearly two months since our good friends Barack and Hillary have gone head-to-head in a debate. They’ll do so tonight in Philadelphia. The debate airs at 8PM EST on ABC.

I’ve more or less stopped blogging about the DNC race for the nomination over the past several weeks. I haven’t lost interest in the campaign, I just got really worn out from all the talk of superdelegates. racism, sniper fire, tax returns and bitter rural voters. I decided to basically disconnect myself from the whole thing until the Pennsylvania primary.

Now the pre-fight hype is finally starting to die down, and tonight we have ourselves an official weigh in!


16 thoughts on “Remember these two?

  1. have to be honest all the things i have heard lately are scary to me, from both dem. canidates, the government is getting WAY WAY WAY to involved in every day life. and as a wise man recently said to me, nothing gets better when the government gets involved. should be interesting.

  2. and as a wise man recently said to me, nothing gets better when the government gets involved.

    I don’t know. Slaves and southern blacks might disagree. Women who enjoy having the ability to vote might as well. Government imposed safety standards have gone a long way toward keeping us safer on the roads. Your house is likely lead-free, that’s good for your kids.

    I think alot of the time Conservatives tend to view “Big Government” through the same cynical lens that Liberals view “Big Business.” A healthy fear of both is probably justified, but to write off either would be unwise.

    Oh, and speaking of Libertarians… I found a big Ron Paul for President yard sign the other day. It’s in my trunk, I’ve been meaning to send it to Jim.

  3. all that’s gone on the past month is that john mccain has won the election. he doesn’t need to go after whoever wins, they’ve done it for him. next stop – iran! as they say, you better get right with jesus.

  4. shane, i tried calling you early on in the debate to discuss it. i wanted to punch Hillary and the debate organizers for constantly going back to stuff that is so beat already…the pastor’s comments, the elitist comments, etc etc.
    it’s like, can someone defend their position on something…like how they’re actually going to help me in a specific point by point way rather than nitpicking each other’s words.
    i don’t know. this is why i hate politics.
    talk like a real person. think like a real person.
    i’m done rambling.
    tim, remember when the yankees beat the sox? much better than the debate.

  5. The whole thing was pretty disheartening.

    I’ll admit I’m biased, but when you have George Stephanopoulus working the debate it raises a suspicious eye. I mean, he was a major staffer for Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign (along with James Carville and David Wilhelm), and he did serve as press secretary through Clinton’s first term.

    Given his close ties to the Clintons, I’d have to say that just might be considered a conflict of interest. It makes ABC’s objectivity a little suspect. Especially when you consider how much they peppered Obama with the stuff that’s already been rehashed over, and over.

    Plenty of others felt the same way.

    To Obama’s credit, he’s mostly stayed above the fray on the “silly” stuff. He even defended Hillary on her Bosnia gaffe, and spent alot of time trying to deflect “that kind of politics” to get to the issues.

    The only time I can recall him even coming close to “getting personal” was when he pushed back when Hillary kept on him about his relationship to William Ayers – pointing out that her husband pardoned members of the same group. Which was fair. I mean, she (and George) were obviously trying to make his connection to him an issue. Obama had every right to swing back.

  6. jimmy, i am expecting the same result tonight. injuries abound and papi is sloppi 😦

    but yeah, i’d prefer a sox defeat to the skanks to hillary -v- barack. that’s saying something (either that my priorities are WAY out of wack or these two have gotten on my last damn nerve…yeah, it’s both!)

  7. good grief! obama rides the most hippy happy media parade of a free ride since clinton in 92 and you’re complaining about one debate? in which someone finally had the guts to actually question the guy? are you kidding?
    hillary has been grilled to a crisp on a regular basis…untill philly. of course, she looked silly egging them on.

    anyway, as an objective “i’m not voting for either of you” observer: obama lost that debate hands down. he looked disgruntled and annoyed at best. he certainly doesn’t deliver on specifics like hillary does.


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