The Pope … a teen?

I was skimming my RSS feeds and this headline caught my attention: Two arrested after teen rides in trunk

Having once ridden in a trunk as a teen to sneak past Syracuse University campus security, I clicked the story to see what sort of laws I might have unknowingly broken. When the page loaded, this is what I saw! Does something seem … I don’t know … just a little funny about the photo?

(Click to enlarge.)

Now granted, the photo isn’t actually a part of the story, but rather a part of their “Photos of the Day” segment. But it was good for a laugh anyway.


5 thoughts on “The Pope … a teen?

  1. i see the pompousness of it…but it’s all about safety. john hagee or larry poston could shoot him if he didn’t have that bulletproof glass around him! 🙂 i kid, i kid.

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