Ron Paul and the Audacity of Hemp

It looks like Ron Paul just locked up the stoner vote.

The Texas congressman and presidential hopeful has co-sponsored a bill – introduced to the House today – that would effectively strip the federal government of its authority to arrest adults for marijuana possession and consumption. It’s the first federal decriminalization legislation introduced since the Reagan administration.

According to an article on NORML’s website, the bill “seeks to eliminate all federal penalties prohibiting the personal use and possession of up to 100 grams (3 1/2 ounces) of marijuana. Under this measure, adults who consume cannabis would no longer face arrest, prison, or even the threat of a civil fine.”

There goes Obama’s support among college students! 😆


21 thoughts on “Ron Paul and the Audacity of Hemp

  1. if you go on youtube you can see absolute craziness with ron paul, back in his openly libertarian days, on the awful mortin downney, jr. show advocating for legalization and the crowd going nuts on him. it’s good times.

  2. Are any of the YouTube videos about the time he said 95% of the black males in Washington D.C. are criminals? Or his 1992 newsletter which said “order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks?”

  3. I have been a GOP member for years…. I was on a task force to study the criminal tones of pot with our society.

    We concluded in our study that 30% of the jails now house non violent types. We, also found that if we were to focus on violent crimes that freeing non violent acts would be the best passage to promote a safer city.

    I have never smoked pot but in our study we consluded that those who use pot were 97% non violent while the dealers who sold pot were in fact the group we needed to focus on.

    After three years of study and research the city still have not adopted our vast study.

    If I’m not mistaken the bill that Paul proposed also allowed for industries such as hemp products such as cloths, etc.

    I joined the study for two reason 1) To discover the truth 2) To disover the impact this freedom man have had with my own grandmother prior to her death she became part of a test study to determine of Pot would assit with her medicatl condition. In her case the doctors dertermined that use of Pot aided in her quality of life.

    Some people don’t read the entire facts but if you consider our three year study of over 5,000 prison ors then a new plan should be adopted and the War on Drugs has only caused greater harm to our nation.

    I would not smoke pot but it’s less of an issue then drinking. I would exchange harsher laws for drinking and driving then arresting a pot smoker but our study suggests laws need to change for dealers who by trade often sell pot and other drugs. We also found that the greastest risk was not from the end user but rather the dealer vs. supplier. The risk of death between the two goes up 794% vs a pot smoker who is seeking to buy a bag of weed at 2%. So it isn’t the dealers killing those who want to buy from them but rather those who supply the crap to the dealer.

  4. Actually, smoking pot not only changes your mood to usually “cranky as hell”, if you run out, to making you stupid as hell after continued use. That’s why call it dope Louie.. I know, I used to do that every day.. I quit 20+ yrs ago.. and I feel much better now.. bwahh hahh hahhaahhaa

  5. Lot’s of non-sense on this site. Hemp is an industrial product used in making many items.

    Dying people can take morphine but they can’t smoke pot? Something wrong with that picture.

    People love to try to discredit Paul without understanding the issues.

  6. [kip]
    “I don’t discredit Paul for this issue, his no-government, isolationist stupidity is enough to label him a crackpot”

    It’s so disturbing to me that every person that puts down Ron Paul is a LIAR

    “no-government” – LIE – He advocates less Federal Gov’t control over the State/Local Gov’t.

    “isolationist” – LIE – He advocates a Non-Interventionist foreign policy – Talk & Trade with all nations, Entagling Alliances with none

    [Shane Bertou] – you are a LIAR
    You can’t back up the claim that Paul has ever uttered anything close to a racist remark! He’s a TEN term Congressman(20+ years as a public servant) and not ONE racist remark EVER recorded or heard by another person – A ghost written newsletter(ONE ARTICLE,16 years ago) is all YOU got???

    For the 100’s of times I’ve listened Ron Paul speak I’ve never heard him lie, be derogatory or disingenuous, waffle around an answer, or in any way show that his loyalties lie anywhere but with America and our Constituion. I cannot say this about any other politician I’ve ever seen.

    Right Now there are over 100,000 Ron Paul clips on YouTube! Why don’t you check out Ron Paul’s positions for yourself?

    For the topic of legalization of Hemp/Marijuana – this is the MOST UNEDUCATED Prohibition I’ve ever seen! Hemp/Marijuana is one of the most non-toxic industrial substances known to man! Energy/Medical/Fiber Industries Greed is the ONLY reason Hemp/Marijuana is illegal is the US

  7. but frzngds, what about the comments regarding black people? i don’t doubt that most politicians probably share those thoughts, but they don’t say them (though, perhaps that’s reason to like paul for some, he’s honest…though, if he were really honest i’d think he’d be inclined to leave a party that he shares so little in common with and just be the libertarian he once was and so clearly is).

  8. [timothy allen brown]

    What comments regarding black people???

    The Republican Party is not the Neo-con Party. Ron Paul is a TEN term Republican Congressman. He is far more Republican than any of the other Republican Candidates.

    please show me where I’m wrong on anything I’ve said. But I know you won’t because you can’t.

  9. frzngds, you mentioned the comments. perhaps they were not from paul, i admit to not being 100% sure. but i’m also not inclined to find out b/c i just assume they are true, b/c that is how most people of paul’s age, demographic and background think, they just don’t say it.

    and yes, paul is a republican congressman. now. he was a libertarian for years prior to that, and the only reason he does not run independently or as a member of the libertarian party is so that he will not lose his seat in congress, which is understandable, but i find less than honorable (just an opinion). what i would prefer, in order for real democracy to emerge in this nation, with real choices, is for people like paul to leave the 2 major parties. he’s a libertarian through & through, he’s just settling for the GOP b/c that way he can be in congress. again, understandable, but i would prefer to see some 3rd party growth.

    and i wasn’t saying that anything you said was wrong, or that i was interested in “proving” that. i like paul as an agitator in the GOP, i liked watching him tear into those clones during the debates. i just think you might be a little fired up over trivial things, not everyone’s going to like your man. no need to hit the caps lock button.

    and i think pot should be legal and they should tax the ever-living hell out of it, for the record 🙂

  10. tim – I find it rediculous that you just “assume” things are true – we have this excellent tool for information called the “internet” where you can research the facts for yourself(at least until it’s fully censored like China – see Net Neutrality). And also, when you accuse someone of being a racist, while at the same time you’re being an ageist, it just shows pure ignorance.

    The comments you refer to were on one “ghost written” article while Ron Paul was a practicing OB/GYN(he’s delivered over 4000 babies). And I’m not really sure the comments were that racist for that less PC timeperiod(early 90’s – try listening to some NWA from the same period on

    Yes Ron Paul holds Libertarian ideals – but what American doesn’t believe in liberty and freedom(hopefully all Americans have some libertarian in them). The only time Ron Paul was “politically” a libertarian was when he ran for President in 1988. Other than that he always ran as a Republican.

    Our nation is not a Democracy, it is a Constitutional Republic – There is a huge difference!

    The whole “party” system was created to divide and conquer the American people.

    Six months ago I was an Obama supporter – why? Because I had not done any comprehensive research on the candidates and it seemed like Obama was the best choice to me based on a few things: 1) His “vocal” opposition to the war in Iraq 2)He is a great speaker(unlike Bush) with a multicultural background. I live in CA and we had a closed primary(I was registered independent – as I believe everyone should be) so I did a more in depth study of the candidates positions. And WHAM, I find this candidate(Ron Paul) that believes wholly in our Constitution and the protection of individual rights protected there in. I find that this Statesman has been voting for our individual rights in Congress for thirty years! I find that this Statesman has never voted for an unbalenced budget and returns any unused funds to the Treasury. I find this Statesman that doesn’t take part in the lucrative Congressional Pension Program. I find this Statesman that is the ranking member of the House Financial Services Commitee. I find a Statesman that fully comprehends the great unconstitutional counterfieting scheme known as the Federal Reserve(this PRIVATE institution has caused every bubble and depression for the last 90 years) and Federal Income Tax. I find that I agree with this Statesman on every issue concerning this great nation. Then I start to notice the blatant overwhelming blackout of this viable candidate from the Corporate Media and so I look deeper into why and it just gets scarier from there!

    Ron paul is the most honest, humble, statesman I’ve ever listened to – and it saddens me that so many Americans just eat what the Globalist Corporate Media shits on their plate.

    Obama is an utter windbag in comparison. And with his legislation (S.2433) he shows his blatant contempt for the American Taxpayer and American sovereignty. Obama advocates an increased military presence in the Middle East. Obama advocates complete Federal Gov’t control of the individual from “cradle to grave”. If you think education and medical care is bad now, just wait until Obama gets done with it.

    On marijuana – How do you “tax the ever-living hell out” of something everyone can grow in their backyard? Also the story on how marijuana became illegal in 1937 is a very interesting one!

  11. hi my name is jim. i support ron paul, too. now shut up and stop embarrassing the rest of us ron paul supporters with your ranting amongst a community that has never heard from you before. learn some respect, son.
    i can only imagine that your enthusiasm, exciting information and charm have won over thousands all over the internet that you troll simply looking for sites to post on. ron paul thanks you!

  12. [Shane Bertou] – you are a LIAR

    The funny thing is, I like Ron Paul. He’s not my candidate of choice, but I like him. But, I am still a little fuzzy on how alluding to widely reported things makes me a liar.

    He doesn’t get a pass from me on the “ghostwritten” newsletter.

    For one, it was uncredited. Which doesn’t mean Paul himself wrote it, but it also doesn’t mean Paul himself didn’t write it either. So there exists the possibility that they really were his own words.

    Second, if a newsletter comes out in your name (ie, The Ron Paul Political Report) you’re responsible for its contents. Period. And it wasn’t like it was an isolated incident – there were several other times similar remarks appeared in the newsletter.

    That being said … I like the guy.

    But I think my favorite comment thus far was this one:

    Lot’s of non-sense on this site. Hemp is an industrial product used in making many items.

    Dying people can take morphine but they can’t smoke pot? Something wrong with that picture.

    People love to try to discredit Paul without understanding the issues.

    Lots of un-necessary use of hyphens and apostrophe’s on this site too actually. 😆

    And who said I was against the use of medicinal marijuana? Actually, who even said I was in favor of prohibition?

    Dang drive-by comments!

  13. “People love to try to discredit Paul without understanding the issues.”

    This sounds like something Shane would say if I spoke ill of Martin Obama. Then again its not like you have to try and discredit Ron Paul since he is very good at doing it himself.

    When you say things that 99% of people in the world think are stupid what does that make you? To the 1% you are inventive and a break from the norm. The whole F the man we are doing our own thing is cool. Then eventually when you get through the whole I like to be different to be different thing you realize that people like Ron Paul are not inventive nor ahead of the curve but stuck in a time that has long passed and wont ever return.

  14. I actually like Ron Paul. My problem is with his supporters. I have honestly seen more wackjobs on street corners, youtube, and the like waving a Ron Paul banner than I have for any other canidate.

    My favorite was the Ron Paul supporters out waving thier anti war banners in front of the Naval Air station by my house. Attack the government not our troops.

    Ron Paul is guilty by association it seems.

  15. yeah, i went to a Ron Paul meetup group to canvass my neighborhood. let’s just say i couldn’t tell if i went to a ron paul meetup group or a conspiracy theorist meetup group or a UFO abduction support group. it was awkward to say the least and i quickly bailed.

  16. @Jim E. – There are kooks in every camp. It’s just that when your camp is as small as Paul’s, their voices aren’t easily drowned out. 😉

    I just think it’s great you got involved like that!


  17. john’s statement reminded me of gandhi’s sentiments about the difference between jesus and christians.

    “dear ron paul, save me from your followers”

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