Roberto Clemente on American Experience

One of my all-time favorite baseball players will be featured on tonight’s episode of American Experience. Just another reason why PBS is consistently the only television worth watching.


3 thoughts on “Roberto Clemente on American Experience

  1. I wish I could have seen ball players play back in his day when players never changed teams and you grew up watching a player like this or Hammerin Hank if you were a MN boy.

    Sure the Yanks have had a ton of big stars throughout their years but what are the names you think of when you think of the Yanks?? My guess is its Ruth Mantle Gherig Dimaggio etc who spent the majority of their careers in one uni.

    Its dumb to say it even but I really would have loved to grow up in a time where you could get outta school go to a game and you didnt have to pick up an extra day to pay for it. I would have loved to grow up in an era where the ball players you watched made only slighty more than your businessman father unless they were all stars. Its not really a game anymore but it was in Roberto’s day. That would have been fun to see.

  2. I’m with you buddy. There is something very special about old-time baseball. Of course, the great thing about a sport with such a rich history as baseball is that the term “old time” means something different for each generation. It’s a snapshot of your childhood. For me “old time” means late-70s and early 80s. Mattingly, Randolf, Winfield, Guidry, Righetti, etc. Now those were the days!

    It’s probably even more difficult as a Twins fan. The Yankees have more of an opportunity to keep some of their best homegrown talent long term. Jeter, Posada, Rivera, and Bernie Williams are all Yankee lifers.

    Whereas the Twins will always lose a player like Santana to the highest bidder. Speaking of which – when are Mauer’s and Morneau’s contracts up?

  3. Mauer is like 5 years yet and Morneau is I think 4 we signed them both long term along with Cuddyer and now Nathan so we have those 4 as our core. Right now that core looks weak 🙂 I still dont know how they kept Nathan who is probably top 2 maybe top 1 closer in baseball right now on a team that will be lucky to win 80 games this year. We coulda traded him for a damn fortune to some contender but maybe they are turning over a new leaf with the new stadium being built. Santana wasnt even worth wasting our breath on because he was goin to play in 1 of 3 places and none of those places were MN.

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