Thanks for nothin’ Pennsylvania!

You could have put her – and the rest of us – out of our collective misery. You could have helped your party set its sights on John McCain. You could have helped make sure this thing didn’t get any uglier. You could have made sure your party didn’t blow the general election – which until recent weeks seemed like a slam dunk!

But nooooooo!

Pennsylvania is dead to me. I hereby pronounce a curse on the Eagles, Steelers, Phillies, Pirates, Penguins, Flyers, Sixers and the Nittany Lions. I hope Puxatony Phil gets mauled by badgers.


20 thoughts on “Thanks for nothin’ Pennsylvania!

  1. I’ve settled into the idea that this thing is going to the convention. He can’t lose his delegate lead and will have the popular vote. She keeps winning “blue-collar states” and can make a credible argument to try to sway superdelegates.

    Frankly, at this point I don’t think either one should drop out. If she had eeked out a win in PA, I would have said otherwise.

    I just hate to think of how ugly this is going to get over the next six weeks.

  2. here’s my outsider opinion:

    these guys have turned a sure fire victory in november into a “only if the cards play out right” possibility.

    i fully expect mccain to be the next president.

  3. It’ll be interesting. I do still believe that once a nominee is chosen, the party will rally around their candidate. The question really comes down to who can best appeal to independent voters.

    As an independent voter, I have a hard time seeing myself casting a vote for Hillary. Or McCain for that matter.

  4. alright shane, that’s what i want to hear. no hillary, no john boy. you know what that means! NADER! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 🙂

    but, as i’ve stated in here before, and stem already did – mccain is going to win b/c of the past however many months of strife and sabotage obama & clinton have been involved in. i’m sure no one was laughing it up harder last night then john boy. this is just making his entrance into the white house all the more easy. and, like i said last week, that means we’re going to launch war #3 and we can all say this prayer each night.

    “now i lay me down to sleep
    i pray the Lord my soul to keep
    if the united states foreign policy & pre-emptive war mongering should get a terrorist attack or nuclear fallout to kill us all before i wake
    i pray the Lord my soul to take”

  5. i completely disagree.
    i think regardless of who wins (obama or clinton) they will beat McCain. They will pin on him that he means more war, tax breaks for “big oil”, and he’s part of the reason your wallet is hurting. i think even if your an absolute fan of one or the other, you will end up voting either one just so you don’t have more of the bush style years. that’s just my gut.
    frankly, i don’t like any of my choices and just won’t vote so that sucks.
    bring on the third and fourth parties!!!

  6. Her arguement is that she won the big democrat states. Does that honestly hold up when my boy John has no prayer in any of them anyways? Only way you Obama folks can lose is if he and Hilary make enough dems lukewarm to voting that they get a poor turnout from the anything but a repulican again crowd. If those people show up it should be a landslide.

  7. A caller on Ed Shultz’s show yesterday said he actually thought all the muckraking that’s going on now might actually be good for Obama long term because it’ll be old news when he finally squares off against McCain.

    Who knows. All I know is we’ve got six more weeks of hell. And I blame Pennsylvania.

  8. (And the Puxatony Phil line was originally going to be “and I hope Joe Paterno gets the clap” but I figured I’d get less blowback if I directed my anger toward a woodchuck.)

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