Triglycerides out the wazoo!

Seriously, if anyone needs some triglycerides let me know. I’ll be more than happy to lend you some since the doctor said I’ve got about 400 more than I need.

Today I had my follow up visit with my doctor. He ordered a round of blood work and other tests after diagnosing me with hypertension a couple weeks ago. This morning he gave me the results.

Kidneys look good. EKG came back great. Thyroid is working like a champ. Cholesterol is a little high, but not much. But holy exorbitant triglyceride levels Batman!

You’re supposed to be under 150, but I weighed in at about 520. Which means – if I’m to believe what I’m reading online – I should be having a massive stroke somewhere around 6PM on Thursday.

The results of my blood work were relatively normal otherwise, so this could just be something screwy. But the doctor prescribed some additional medication just to be safe. We’ll rock the meds for a few weeks and check on things later.

Blogging about doctor visits and medication. Am I 70 already? 😆


6 thoughts on “Triglycerides out the wazoo!

  1. That’s the thing that really kind of annoys me about all this. We don’t eat that poorly!

    Apart from having pizza maybe twice a month, and maybe once a month with some fast food, we eat pretty well. No soda, barely any fast food, wheat whenever possible, plenty of chicken, fruit and veggies.

    With the hypertension I had to cut out salt. With this I have to cut out just about everything else that’s fit for human consumption.

    And… AND…. I’ve been exercising like a freak lately but I still managed to GAIN weight since my last visit!

  2. I guess you better stock up on your Omega-3’s and garlic tablets, you probably should invest in one of those weekly pill boxes. The pill boxes come in large print and an alarm for the elderly population, such as yourself 😆

  3. I’m already rockin’ the pill pox. It currently has five pills in each compartment. 2 for my blood pressure, 2 for my allergies and 1 for my cholesterol.

    Someone shoot me. 😦

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