Wii Strip?

A company that manufactures “temporary at-home stripper poles” announced last week that it is in negotiations with Nintendo to develop a stripping game for the Wii.

Utilizing the platform’s emphasis on physicality, the game will “(meet) mainstream demand for the fun and fitness benefits of pole dancing.”

Nintendo will have to give the game final approval before it is released to the general public. While the majority of Wii’s games are family friendly, there are several titles which carry the “MATURE” rating. As Wii’s popularity continues to grow across all age demographics there will no doubt be more emphasis on game development for adult audiences.

It will be interesting to see what boundaries Nintendo sets concerning this game. It will no doubt set a precedent for future games for the Wii and other platforms.


12 thoughts on “Wii Strip?

  1. “Strippercise” classes (fully-clothed) have been popping up all over the place. If you read the article I linked it actually gets into that. They really seem to be working that angle – that it’s a “strip aerobics” game.

    The company producing the game makes “fitness poles” – but they certainly don’t shy away from the “sexy” side of things. They also sell “sexy toys and games,” including the “Private Dancer Strip Kit.” They make “aerobic poles” but everything else is pretty sex-charged.

    That’s what’s going to be interesting to see. What kind of a fine-line Nintendo will make them walk.

    Let’s face it, if this game is really all about fitness and it features fully clothed women in sweats … there probably won’t be much market appeal.

    1. All of a sudden you’re right Cricky. I’ve noticed alot of hits on this blog post specifically in the past few weeks. Weird that it’s so long after I posted it. Makes me wonder when/if this game is actually coming out soon.

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