What will they look like?

Last night my wife and I were talking about the candidates and their respective ages. After realizing that John McCain is, well … crazy old, we started wondering what he might look like after he’s been in office a while.

My wife pointed out that when you consider how much George Bush has aged over the past eight years, by the time McCain was through he just might look like the Crypt Keeper!

Well, it seems the folks at PopPhoto.com read our minds. They did a little Photoshop work on each of the to three candidates to see how their looks will hold up through their first term. Here’s what they came up with!

(Click to enlage. Go to PopPhoto link to really enlarge.)


6 thoughts on “What will they look like?

  1. not something to base any decisions on i guess, but obama still looks, let’s say even presidential, where as the other two look like they should be in a coffin.

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