Blogger dads. Soccer kids.

Mudpuppy posted a photo of his son at his first soccer practice. I found the similarities between that pic and this one I took of Josiah’s first soccer practice (black shoes, black cleats, long sleeve shirt under the jersey) to be uncanny.

Any other blogger dads out there have pics of their soccer kids?


13 thoughts on “Blogger dads. Soccer kids.

  1. What is uncanny is how much that poor kid looks like you. It’s a good thing he’s got a good sense of humor… I kid, I kid…

  2. I don’t see it on this post, but it showed up on the post you linked to on my blog. It’s the only post w/ it on there too. It’s driving me crazy.

  3. i played soccer w/ 3 kids yesterday. not so much w/ the pinched nerve. and uh…yeah…possibly related posts are possibly stupid! lameness.

  4. It’s a great age. I’m constantly amazed with the stuff he comes up with! It’s also nice having him more independent (dressing himself, wiping his own butt, etc.)

    Just in time to start all over!

  5. A July baby! It will be a “Cancer.” That’s the same sign as Tom Cruise…

    and Levi. Sorry for doing astrology on you Christian blog.:-D

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