Blog Fodder: April

I have a folder in my Firefox toolbar titled “Blog Fodder.” It’s a repository of links to stories I felt were worth discussing but wanted to hold off for whatever reason.

Here’s what I didn’t get to this month:

Suburbs the next slums? – The subprime crisis is just the tip of the iceberg. Fundamental changes in American life may turn today’s McMansions into tomorrow’s tenements.

Sponsors of the Beijing 2008 Olympics – With all the talk of boycotting this year’s Olympic games, I figured it would be worthwhile to post a list of the corporate sponsors. (Breaks my heart to think I’d have to boycott Kodak – our beloved Rochester-based employer of thousands.)

The Real McCain – A new book by Cliff Schecter claims that Sen. John McCain once physically attacked another Congressman, “scuffled” with Strom Thurman, told Ted Kennedy to “shut up” on the Senate floor, called a fellow Senator a “sh-t head”, told offensive jokes about Chelsea Clinton and even has been known to call his wife a c-nt publicly.

Why first-born children have higher IQs – Take that sis!

Landlord Occupies Rental to Stop City Action – A local story about a 65-year-old landlord of an inner city rental property that had been boarded up for being a “problem” house. Rather than allow the city to board up her house again, causing her to lose money on the unrented property, she decided to move into the house, which is in one of Rochester’s worst neighborhoods.

Church to Elderly Congregant: Pay Up or Get Out! – An 80-year-old congregant of a Kentucky church who lives on a fixed income was told by her church she had 30-days to pay her “back tithes” or she would lose her membership. A far cry from “take care of orphans and widows” eh?

Diet-Friendly Alcohol Choices – Trying to watch your diet? Wondering which alcohol choices might be best for your health?

Getting Paid to Drink – (Must’ve been a theme that week.) A man in England hired two men to be daily drinking companions for his elderly father – at a rate of $14 an hour plus pints and transportation. I would have done it for pints and transportation.

The most annoying song ever? – Seriously, opera-rap?

Farm to Fridge: The Transformation of Animals Into Food – This video was just too disturbing to post. But if you want to see how some slaughter houses treat the animals we eat, have at it. NOT for the faint of heart!


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