Did Obama do the Wright thing?

I can’t help but wonder what Obama’s campaign would have looked like had this been his reaction the first time around. We likely wouldn’t have gotten that fantastic speech on the racial divide in America, but we also wouldn’t have gotten the “typical white woman” comment that stunk up his campaign for a while.

What do you think? Did he do the right thing in speaking strongly against his former pastor and essentially severing ties? Now that he tried to defend Rev. Wright once already, do these remarks satisfy you?

Or is it too little too late?


18 thoughts on “Did Obama do the Wright thing?

  1. You guys wanted to destroy the only person who could have helped get this country out of the mess Bush got us into. You’ve succeeded. You can rest on your laurels now.

  2. Dear Kurt,

    Please refer to the deluge of posts on this blog regarding Sen. Barack Obama. I am clearly an adamant supporter of his campaign.

    Way to pay attention before spouting off.


  3. Shane Bertou: operative in the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Gotta love drive-by comments!

    Anway, on topic: I’m not one to feel bad for politicians, but I’m starting to feel for Obama. Wright’s a nutjob, and who knows the true nature of their relationship. But the fact that Barack has to jump through these hoops and play politics on TV instead of addressing issues is a tribute to our craptastic media and political system. Win or lose, this will turn him into a bitter old man. Just like every other politician. (Especially Hillary.)

  4. What a dope.

    I digress… I’ve been running conspiracy theories through my head all week. Could this have been a plan to help set himself apart from Wright? All staged. Wright comes out loonier than usual, and Barack stronger against him.

  5. @Mudpuppy: Well there’s no shortage of bloggers asking that same question right now.

    I don’t think I buy it because there’s too much potential for it to backfire. Had Wright stayed down, he would have remained a nagging injury for Obama’s campaign. Now Wright is Obama’s single biggest issue again and everyone and their typical white grandmother is raising a suspicious eyebrow wondering if there’s a conspiracy brewing.

    (I’ve also read conspiracy theories that Wright’s reemergence was a Clinton plant, it was one of her supporters [allegedly] who scheduled the NPC appearance.)

    If a conspiracy were uncovered, it would no doubt end his campaign, and possibly his political career. I’d like to think he’s too smart to risk it.

  6. That’s the debate I’ve been having in my head. I’m just jaded to politicians in general so I tend to skew toward the conspiracy.

    On a related note, Tonia told me last night that her Grandpa told her that he’s not sure about Obama because of his Muslim religious background. 🙂

  7. Tonia told me last night that her Grandpa told her that he’s not sure about Obama because of his Muslim religious background. 🙂

    He’ll never be able to completely shake that. Especially among older voters (in my opinion). It’s just something he’s always going to have to deal with.

    The notion that this is an Obama campaign stunt is absurd to me. The Clinton angle would make more sense.

    Which leads me to believe that the most likely scenario is the one that’s true. That Wright is a cockeyed loon, and this time Obama had no choice but to throw him under a parade of elephants.

  8. The old-school Democrat voter is losing their mind right about now. They have to choose between a woman and an African-American.

    Ironically the younger Democrat voter is in heaven.

  9. Rev Run DMC Wright was correct when he said Obama has to say what a guy running for president has to say. I am sure you all would love to believe Martin Obama is above everything he spoke against so much, but he is not (meaning politics as usual). They all go back on things they said before and they all watch the poles end of story.

    Remember what I said so long ago about how Obama cannot scare the white people and win.

  10. Drive by comments?
    What a dope?
    Sorry if my intellect is deficient in comparison to your great minds. If you read the post, it sure as hell sounds anti-Obama.

  11. @Kurt: It takes 5 seconds to search for “Obama” on this site and see that Shane is practically on the campaign’s payroll.

    That doesn’t take intellect. That takes common sense, and a willingness to research before you say things like:

    “You guys wanted to destroy” and “You can rest on your laurels now.”

    That is the definition of a drive-by comment.

  12. If you read the post, it sure as hell sounds anti-Obama.

    Especially that part where I called his speech on race “fantastic” – that was just uncalled for! 😆

    No worries Kurt. We’ll give you a mulligan for being a newbie.

    Everyone here knows who I support. But we also have a wide array of people who support just about every other candidate who are regulars here. I posted the comments and questions to that audience.

  13. I came to this conclusion on the Wright/Obama debacle…

    I strongly feel that anyone who has spent some time attending any church has sat there during a sermon or two and has at one point or another silently shook their head. I know I have not always agreed with the minister in our church and that I am sure there will plenty more times that I will not share the same point of view in the future. So, I personally do not care if Obama sat through these sermons or not.

    With that said, I understand why he did not drop Rev. Wright like a hot potato.

    I feel that the time was right for Obama to cut his ties with Wright. Unlike, some people who are on the too little, to late bandwagon… I think they are only asking, “Why it took him 20 years to figure out how Wright is?”

    I believe they are missing the bigger picture…Like many of us, who have shook our heads at a particular sermon, we have not thrown our “spiritual advisor” to curb. We listen and while we respect someone else’s opinion we have our own opinion … thus the term “spiritual advisor” not “Spiritual Dictator”… moving onto the second part of my point. Obama was able to see the bigger picture… It was time to cut Wright loose, because, Rev. Wright is no longer supporting Obama, he is supporting himself. And, in my opinion purposely shooting his mouth off to promote his own agenda.

    I think, Wright fears having a black man (or at the least this black man) in power and would rather be destructive than productive for self-serving reasons. (I could list a million conspiracy theories here)

    Obama still has my vote. I think his timing is right. I would have respected him less had he immediately cut his ties with Wright.

  14. i’m amazed that hillary supporters stated 3 to 1 that they’d vote for mccain if/when obama gets the nomination. and obama supporters stated 2 to 1 they’d do the same if mccain wins! two things…

    a. don’t vote mccain, vote nader!
    b. mccain has this thing locked & loaded. next stop iran. pray pray pray.

  15. I’d be interested to see how those polls break down along party members vs. independent lines. Something about me refuses to believe that a Democrat would rather have Bush 2.0 in the White House than vote for their candidate’s in-party rival.

    I think it will take a little while, but I really do think the Democrats will rally behind either candidate once this thing is all said and done – which hopefully it will be soon.

    Getting back to the Obama/Wright thing, Pat Oliphant had an interesting comic today.

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