It’s Derby Time! Pick a winner, win 100 Grand!

It’s the time of year again … the 134th running of the Kentucky Derby!

Two years ago we started a little tradition of having an open contest to pick the winner of the Derby. The first year Timothy Allen Brown was the big winner – he picked Barbaro (RIP). Last year we didn’t have a winner due to a lack of participants.

Here’s how it works. Leave a comment claiming your horse. If you correctly pick the winner of Saturday’s race, you will receive 100 Grand!

Here is this year’s field and current odds of winning:

1) Cool Coal Man (20-1)
2) Tale of Ekati (15-1)
3) Anak Nakal (30-1)
4) Court Vision (20-1)
5) Eight Belles (15-1)
6) Z Fortune (15-1)
7) Big Truck (50-1)
8 ) Visionaire (20-1)
9) Pyro (6-1)
10) Colonel John (4-1)
11) Z Humor (30-1)
12) Smooth Air (20-1)
13) Bob Black Jack (20-1)
14) Monba (15-1)
15) Adriano (30-1)
16) Denis of Cork (20-1)
17) Cowboy Cal (20-1)
18 ) Recapturetheglory (20-1)
19) Gayego (15-1)
20) Big Brown (3-1)

*Note: Obviously the prize is not $100,000. Do you honestly think that if I had an extra $100,000 laying around I’d just hand it over? It’s a candy bar you dummies.


27 thoughts on “It’s Derby Time! Pick a winner, win 100 Grand!

  1. 1. i plan on winning again. in return for the candy bar i’ll send you an obama sticker.

    2. how dare you not link my name! 🙂

    3. how do i get rid of the “possibly related posts”. i got one that’s “adult” and be needin’ to get it away!

    oh, and my pick is OBVIOUSLY big brown 😉

  2. Big Brown it is!

    Dude. You’re a freak with this! 100 Grand is on its way.

    RIP Eight Belles. That’s two euthanised horses in the past three years. Not good PR for horse racing, for sure.

    PETA uproar to follow …

  3. If anyone is wondering how we handled it with Josiah (he picked Eight Belles), when we saw his horse was down we told him she was tired from running so fast, and she needed a rest.

    We left it at that.

  4. oh protecting your children……..i don’t let mine watch the end of charolette’s web cause i think it is way too sad when she dies. so they think the end of the movie is wilbur winning the fair!

  5. @Timmay!: A few years back Foxwoods opened up their arena to the WNBA. That’s reason enough to NEVER cross their threshold!

    @sgrwester: Please tell me you honeymooned in Toronto, Ottawa or Vancouver and NOT Niagara Falls!

  6. Just making sure you didn’t fall for the “Honeymoon Capital of the World” nonsense. The American side is – in my opinion – far superior to its extremely commercialized, far overpriced and over-rated Canadian counterpart.

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