The Office – WTF?

Am I the only one who is disappointed by The Office’s lackluster return from the writer’s strike? Since the show came back several weeks ago it has been – in my opinion – almost unwatchable.

The show seems to have lost all flow and continuity. Worst of all it seems like almost every character is … well … out of character.

The dinner party episode was one of the most awkward and painful episodes to watch. What’s up with Toby’s advances on Pam last week? Do Andy and Angela hate each other or are they in love? So Ryan has a drug problem now? Why are he and Toby (seemingly) conspiring against Jim? Dwight’s making out with chicks in clubs? What the heck was up with Stanley’s way over the top reaction in last night’s episode?

Can someone please tell me what the heck happened to this show? The whole tone of the second half of this season has been dark and mean. Definitely not The Office at its best.


14 thoughts on “The Office – WTF?

  1. i have to say…i am a devoted fan, but last night was hard for me to watch, as well. and yes, the dinner party episode was painful! i agree with your statement that the tone has been “dark and mean,” though i feel like i’m being unfaithful just by saying that! i’m going to hold out hope that they’ll turn it back around.

  2. I think the thing that put me over the edge was Ryan’s “warning” to Jim. It just felt so devious.

    I’m sure they’ll turn it around, but it’s been a difficult few weeks.

  3. I agree with all of your synopsis, minus the unwatchable part.

    I can’t stop!!

    But on the other hand, it’s sort of nice that they are getting a little bit more real now. The problem is it’s less of a comedy and more of a drama.

  4. I agree that things have been different.

    But…it’s still good. I think Stanley was warranted over the top reaction…he’s so laid back all the time someone has to crack.

    And we all know Toby has the hots for Pam…so…I thinks its funny that he would make an advance on Pam like since since Toby is always the straighten arrow in the office.

    Honestly…the “flaws” we’re seeing are probably due to a tight shooting schedule coming back from the writer’s strike. They’re probably just pumping stuff out without giving it their usual perfection.

  5. I haven’t seen the most recent new episode (it sits on my DVR waiting to be discovered), but I’ve enjoyed the new episodes. To me, it feels kind of like they’re playing with the tone of the show, and making it a bit more like the UK version. The original show had a very dark streak, and was often literally unwatchable because it was so uncomfortable (for me, anyway).

    I wonder if Dwight’s adventure in the night club was an homage to Gareth’s similar exploits in the original. It seemed a little out of character then as well, though Gareth considered himself more of a ladies’ man than Dwight does.

  6. i agree that it has been weird in that it has been more angry in general…more fear that funny.
    last night’s closing with michael doing the rodney dangerfield/seinfeld/whoever else medley was lame…but maybe that was the point?

  7. Actually…thinking back…the one thing that did make me angry was the whole Dwight pushing Andy to sell his jeep. Andy went to anger management for pete’s sake…I refuse to believe that he is so rehabilitated to the point where he could let Dwight push him like that.

  8. well i think that the office was supposed to be painful and awkward when ricky gervais created it in england. they might be trying to get back to that. i haven’t seen either episode yet, since i’m driving back from work @ 9pm & my comp is too slow to watch eps on tv 😦 but toby’s always had a thing for pam and andy & angela seem like a perfect love/hate combo. i’ll have to see for myself.

  9. It just doesn’t seem to flow like it usually did and I hate what they are doing with Ryan’s character (so far). And why was he there for two seconds to reprimand Jim but did nothing in the whole Stanley mess. I don’t know. I’m getting a bit annoyed with all of the “out of character” stuff but am holding out hope that the writers will tie it all together somehow without screwing it all up.

  10. it seems in past shows though things were awkward and painful you ended up really liking something about one of the characters in the end or at least feeling gently pity for them. now i feel more distaste in the end? but don’t get me wrong, we’ll keep watching! i mean he’s going to propose! 😉

  11. We were ready for Michael to “fluffy finger” Stanley when everyone had to leave the office! There does seem to be a lack of flow-especially last weeks episode-what was with the peanut butter in the hair and then no follow through? Still a fan, though! 🙂

  12. I haven’t seen last night’s yet, but I thought the last two were decent. The Office is often hard and awkward for me to watch.

    That being said, there were still some random things, like Jim talking about engagement. Maybe they are trying to use shock to draw people back in? Corp execs were prob scared of losing long-term viewers.

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