A couple of super boss weekends!

So Josiah has enjoyed a couple of super boss weekends. Here’s a recap:

Last Saturday we went to Lollypop Farm. They were hosting a community event with lots of farm animals, games, fun stuff, etc. We found the dog of our dreams, but mom said “no” (she’s right, it’s just not the right time). So we took a hay ride instead.

After that we decided to go to Finger Lakes Race Track. Parking and admission are free, so we figured why the heck not? A random stranger gave Josiah $2 to place on a horse, which we were conflicted about. But we gave in, let him pick one for the next race and sure enough … she (Heart of Iron) came in! He won $9.50 on his $2 bet. We cashed in and went home. His earnings are in his piggy bank. It was exciting, here’s the video evidence (April 26th – Race 3).

This week we kicked things off with a visit to the Jumpin’ Jungle. Otherwise known as the most awesomest place imaginable for a four-year-old. It’s basically a giant warehouse filled with all the inflatable whatnots you could possibly imagine. Freaking sweet!

It’s officially part of our overall mission to convince our suburban friends to spend money in the ghetto.

Oh, and on top of all the inflatable whatnots they also have a rock climbing wall! So – of course – Josiah rocked it.

Yesterday marked Josiah’s first steps into a much larger world. After a few quick words from “coach,” it was time to enter that beautiful American tradition known as organized baseball!

Total investment for all of this = $39. Minus the $9.50 he won at the track = $29.50.

Have I ever mentioned how much I freaking love living in this city?


5 thoughts on “A couple of super boss weekends!

  1. I love great weekends like that! Tanner loves rock climbing as well. Actually, I’ve been meaning to install a rock wall on his swingset out back. Maybe this summer….

  2. I should mention that $30 of that $39 was baseball registration alone.

    @Mudpuppy: I wasn’t sure if Josiah would like rock climbing or not, but he really seemed to enjoy it. One of the neighborhood YMCA’s has a wall, I’m going to have to take him there to try it out now!

    @Pdog: He looks ready to play short to me. Whaddya think? He had a little trouble with the cap though, a little big, kept covering his eyes. Gonna have to get him a Yankees one soon.

  3. Yeah cant believe you didnt have him in the Yanks hat out there. I am thinking he should play short til he gets his 250 mil for 10 year deal then move to 3rd when he wants the 295 mil for 10 year.

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