Another reason why early adopters are D-U-M-B

Remember when the iPhone first came out about a year ago? People waited in long lines to shell out some $600 for the device, while others reportedly paid up to three times as much on Ebay.

When Apple announced they were cutting the price by $200 a few months later, early adopters were furious. Their reaction prompted Steve Jobs to issue an open letter offering them a $100 store credit.

Now there’s this report from Business Week which claims AT&T is planning to offer a $200 subsidy for the iPhone 2.0, bringing the entry-level price down to about $199.

Now poor guys like me can seriously consider purchasing an iPhone while early adopters agonize over the fact they spent three times as much for an inferior version of the same product less than a year ago.

But hey, you sure were cool for a while. 😉


7 thoughts on “Another reason why early adopters are D-U-M-B

  1. same thing with ipods and wii’s and all that other stuff that costs way waaaay too much at first, and imo still costs way too much a year or 2 later. admittedly, when i put my razor phone through the wash (d’oh!) w/ no insurance i had to pay A LOT for a new one. i didn’t realize how much cellies cost b/c i always got them w/ plans. damn the man! but yeah, $200 for an iphone is a good price. still a lot…but good.

  2. I actually might consider one at that price. I find a lot of people like me that talk about downscaling material possessions until someone mentions an iPhone. They’re just so cool.

  3. But for me the iPhone would be a downscale, well, a step toward streamlining anyway. I already carry a cell phone and my iPod around on a regular basis. And lately I’ve been thinking about replacing my long since deceased Palm because I am far too irresponsible to be without a PDA.

    Having them all in one device might actually be a more eco-friendly and cost effective solution for folks like me. 😆

    Yeah … that’s it!

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