Arrested Development the movie? Maeby!

Get ready for it Arrested Development fans – it appears the movie is (nearly) officially in the works.

While promoting her new film Bart Got a Room (now at the top of my “to see” list) at the Tribeca Film Festival actress Alia Shawkat – who played Maeby on the show – had this to say about the effort:

I got a call from Mitchell Hurwitz, the creator, and he said “so have you heard about this movie we’re supposedly doing?” and I said yes. And he said he was in and it was great. And Jason [Bateman], when he was doing all the Juno press, he basically just talked up [Arrested Development] the movie. He got the publicity going before anything was real. So Mitch talked to Ron Howard, who said he would direct it, and he’s down. So I think Mitch was like, “I guess I’ll write it then,” and that’s what I think he’s doing now. And yes, I’m involved. I think everyone is.


6 thoughts on “Arrested Development the movie? Maeby!

  1. Some great lines for you fans:
    “Don’t be such an Anne-hog”.


    GOB- “Michael, I hope you’re not looking for any handouts. I run a pretty tight ship around here.”
    Michael- “With a pool table?”
    GOB- “It’s a gaming ship.”

    Tobias- “These couples delude themselves into thinking that an open marriage might work for them. It never does…but it might just work for us.”

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