Aid for Myanmar

Mudpuppy is right. With all the traffic our blogs receive we really should be using our influence to help bring relief to those suffering in Myanmar.

By now you’ve seen the reports of the catastrophic conditions the people of that country face after a cyclone ripped through the region several days ago. The death toll is now at 25,000, an additional 41,000 are reported missing and over a million people are now homeless.

The Myanmar government is making it difficult for U.S. aid to enter the region – making things worse for those who are suffering – but there are a number of Christian agencies already on the ground providing food, water and medical treatment to those who are suffering.

Please join me in making a donation to one of the following organizations today. Every penny helps and no donation is too small:


9 thoughts on “Aid for Myanmar

  1. The terrible part is no one can get aid in at a decent pace because of all the restrictions they wont lift on foreign aid people to enter the country. I just hope that they dont get some disease now while they are out of food good water and housing and have it spread around to make this worse.

  2. @Pdog: I was talking about that with Cheryl last night. At what point do you just bring the aid in anyway – complete with heavy artillery escort – and tell the Myanmar government to go eff themselves.

  3. By donating to the organizations above we have a unique opportunity to subvert the Myanmar government’s idiocy, while bringing relief to the people of the region in the name of Jesus.

    I just read this in an article on

    One of the hardest-hit areas is Pyinzalu, a small town on the tip of the Irrawaddy delta, which has not fully recovered from the 2004 tsunami, according to World Vision health advisor Dr. Kyi Minn in Yangon.

    Survivors from the delta villages described bodies along the road and floating in the rivers as they walked more than 100 kilometers to Yangon. That, Minn said, has had a significant mental impact on the survivors.

    Yangon was pretty much back to normal, he said. Roads had been cleared of debris, and electricity and potable water were available.

    World Vision, which has 500 aid workers in Myanmar, has provided aid in the country for more than 40 years. In a rare move, Myanmar’s junta specifically asked World Vision to help provide aid to cyclone survivors.

    (Emphasis mine)

  4. amen. but i think that since it’s the military junta in power that is oppressing the people and killing monks at random that changed the name to myanmar we should call it burma out of protest (even though apparently in burmese “myanmar” means burma…don’t ask me). i like avaaz –

  5. some people we know just returned from there. They narrowly escaped, and have an amazing story to tell. The death toll is now expected to reach 100,000. Just unimaginable.

    UN has suspended food aid after it was seized…

    go World Vision

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