World Vision: Bringing aid to Myanmar while others couldn’t

In an interview with Christianity Today, Laura Blank – an emergency communications officer for World Vision – spoke about what their agency has been able to do to help bring relief aid to the people of Myanmar since day one of the disaster.

As soon as the storm ended, we were able to begin distributing rice, clean water, fuel, rebuilding supplies, and blankets—the basic things that we wanted to get to people as soon as we could. Because we’d been there for so long, we were able to purchase goods locally and in bulk, and try to start some of the relief efforts on a very small scale.

While it has been reported that Myanmar government officials have been uncooperative with international relief efforts, and are just now allowing aid to come in, World Vision has been on the ground from day one bringing supplies to the people of that country – and with the blessing of the Myanmar government.

Please consider making a donation today. The money you give will help bring food, water, blankets and temporary shelter to those who are suffering.


3 thoughts on “World Vision: Bringing aid to Myanmar while others couldn’t

  1. Thanks for getting the word out about World Vision. I’ve made my contribution and also urge others to do so as well!

  2. Yes, World Vision is doing some good things over there. We know of their work in Chiang Mai. They’ve been in Myanmar forever and know how to get things done over there. Nice post and thanks for the comment on our blog too.

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