Bands I’ve seen… (Updated: 9/6/17)

I’ve been trying to keep tabs on all the bands and artists I’ve seen perform live over the years. I’m sure I’ll be adding more to this, but here’s what I have dug up from the recesses of my mind thus far:

(Updates in bold)

10,000 Maniacs
Tori Amos
Beastie Boys
Beck (2)
Shirantha Beddage
Blindside (2)
Blues Traveler (4)
The Boredoms
Boxing Gandhis
Breaking the Bondage Blues Band
The Breeders
Buckwheat Zydeco
Caedmon’s Call (2)
The Campbell Brothers
Nick Cave
George Clinton and the P Funk All-Stars
Elvis Costello
Sheryl Crow
David Crowder Band
Cypress Hill
Danielson (2)
Ani DiFranco
Dirt (2)
Donna the Buffalo (2)
Mary Docherty
Drums and Tuba
Bob Dylan
Jakob Dylan
Echoing Green
Five Iron Frenzy (2)
Five O’Clock People
Bela Fleck (2)
Aretha Franklin
G. Love and Special Sauce (3)
Josh Garrels (3)
George Clinton and the P Funk All-Stars
Ghoti Hook
Amy Grant
Green Day
Hed PE
Ben Harper (2)
Infradig Ensemble (2)
Jars of Clay (2)
The Jesus Lizard
Phil Keaggy
Mat Kearney
Kerith Revine
Jennifer Knapp
Mike Knott
Ray LaMontange (2)
Amos Lee
Ben Lee
Linkin Park
Living Sacrifice
Charlie Louvine
Madison Greene
Dave Matthews Band (9)
John Mayer
Del McCoury Band
Medeski Martin & Wood
Ingrid Michaelson
Mighty Mighty Bosstones (2)
Vince Neil
The Newsboys
Bebo Norman
Larry Norman
The October Project
The Offspring
Over the Rhine (12)
Jill Phillips
Phish (10)
Danielle Ponder (2)
P.O.D. (4)
Project 86 (4)
The Idan Raichel Project
Relient K
John Reuben
Rusted Root
Screaming Trees
Rebecca St. James
St. Paul and the Broken Bones
Shootyz Groove
Sisters of Murphy (4)
Sixpence None the Richer (3)
The Skatalites
Smashing Pumpkins (2)
Miranda Stone
Sonic Youth
Soul Asylum
Melvin Sparks
Spin Doctors
Stavesacre (2)
Miranda Stone
The Supertones (2)
TNT Bluegrass Explosion
Third Day (2)
Joshua Tiner
A Tribe Called Quest
Van Halen
Violet Mary (8)
Lucinda Williams


20 thoughts on “Bands I’ve seen… (Updated: 9/6/17)

  1. Wow…You have seen Dave Mathews 9 times!!!
    That is quite the list. I’m not worthy.

    Blue Oyster Cult
    The Who
    Billy Joel
    oh and Audio Adrenaline 🙂

  2. I’ve been chipping away at this post for a couple months now. I think I have them all accounted for, but I have this looming feeling that I’ve left out someone significant.

    The list is also a bit inflated due to attending several music festivals. I’ve been to Cornerstone twice, Creation and Purple Door each once (which accounts for a significant chunk of the Christian bands) and I also attended Lollapalooza in ’94 and ’95.

  3. did a tribe called quest drop the a prior to their break-up, allowing you to put them twice on the list? 🙂

    i don’t think i could do this list, b/c there’s no way i could remember all the names of the crap bands my friends have opened up for/played with. yeah that maine indie rock scene is kinda weak 😉

  4. c’mon, you had to have seen either newsboys or michael w. smith at some point right?

    i’ve seen, off the top of my head:
    rush (2)
    oasis w/cornershop
    counting crows (2) w/live
    the who (quadrophenia)
    phish (x)
    martin sexton
    white heart…or was it white lion?
    jimmy buffet (2)

    and for all you nyack college music fans,
    leisure…aka, sky burning blue

  5. clearly that list was written by me, not jess…but she was there for a few of those shows. unfortunately, i never could drag her to a phish show.

  6. ahh the phish shows.

    thats quite a list I wonder what mine would look like might have to make an attempt some time

    Tori Amos
    Beastie Boys
    Blindside (2)
    Blues Traveler
    The Breeders
    Caedmon’s Call 6
    Elvis Costello
    David Crowder Band 3
    Danielson 3
    Ani DiFranco
    Bob Dylan
    Echoing Green
    Five Iron Frenzy 8
    Five O’Clock People
    Bela Fleck
    G. Love and Special Sauce
    Ghoti Hook
    Amy Grant
    Ben Harper
    Jars of Clay 3
    Phil Keaggy
    Jennifer Knapp
    Mike Knott
    Living Sacrifice
    Dave Matthews Band
    Mighty Mighty Bosstones 3
    Bebo Norman 2
    The October Project
    Over the Rhine 6
    Jill Phillips 2
    Phish 3
    P.O.D. 2
    Project 86 2
    Relient K
    John Reuben
    Rusted Root
    Screaming Trees
    Rebecca St. James
    Sixpence None the Richer 2
    Stavesacre 5
    The Supertones 2-3
    Third Day 3

    Ones not on your list off the top of my head

    Grateful Dead 31
    Hot Tuna 3
    Rat Dog 5
    Rage against the Machine
    The Fugees
    Lauryn Hill
    Counting Crows
    Martin Medeski and Wood 2
    Allison Kraus
    Gillian Welch
    Emmy lou Harris 2
    Derek Webb 2
    Chris Tomlin
    Sarah Masen
    MxPx 2
    Cool Hand Luke 5
    B B King
    Andrew Peterson
    Silers Bald

    thats a lot of money on tickets heh im sure there is a ton more too.

  7. you saw the dead 31 times? how did i not know this about you? frankly, how is that even possible? was kevin smith (from nyack, not the other) there with you?

  8. I like Travis.

    John allegedly followed the Dead for a while. Although I sincerely doubt he’s actually that cool.

    And you’re right Jim. I forgot about the Newsboys. And I forgot about the (infamous) Phish show in New Haven.

  9. I wouldnt put it past him shane and wow are the lists some of you have compiled. Mine is quite small in comparison that is for sure.

  10. Quite the variety! I definitely could not make a list–way too many to ever list! However, the sneak peak—Styx, Billy Idol, Neil Diamond, Crosby Stills Nash, Beach Boys, Third Day, Casting Crowns, Alabama, Ramones, Charlie Daniels, David Crowder, Newboys, and about a million others—and an even bigger range of styles!! 😉

  11. I’m disappointed we didn’t hit the Jazz Fest as heavy this year as we have in year’s past. But what tiny little bit I did see warranted inclusion on the list.

    And I saw Cracker last Thursday.

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