New York or Philadelphia? – Make your Office predictions!

Tomorrow night is the season finale of The Office. What are your season ending predictions?

And remember when Pam talked to the guy above about considering New York or Philadelphia for graphic design? Could the blogger speculation be true? Could that really have been Jim in disguise? Especially when you consider his mannerisms when he says “some amazing programs” around the 20:15 mark!?!

Hmm. Could Jim be putting a bug in Pam’s ear about considering relocating to New York?

Especially when Ryan has to take a leave of absence to get treatment for his newfound drug problem?

Will Dwight and Angela get back together?

Will we be saying “goodbye” to Toby for good?

Can’t wait to find out tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “New York or Philadelphia? – Make your Office predictions!

  1. i was talking with my bestie jason last night, who introduced me to the british office and genius of gervais, and we were saying that there’s probably a reason that version only had 2 seasons. and that would explain why this season has been disappointing to many of us fans. it’s like arrested development, go out with all the creative genius still resonating. maybe they have just run out of it. i dunno.

  2. that angle kind of looks like Jim, but I don’t think it was him. Especially because I think the job fair should have been over at the end of the show and it was cutting back to when they were still there.

    That being said, I do think they are going to do something to keep us hanging with Jim and Pam. Like Pam wants to move and we don’t get to find out until next season. They have to keep us hanging… lame. We’ll see, though.

  3. Andy proposes to Angela. She rejects him. He leaves for the Office spin-off show.
    I don’t think that’s Jim … the nose doesn’t look right.
    I would say this next episode would involve Pam and Jim COMMUNICATING about their future goals and dreams and how to work together to obtain those…but that wouldn’t make for a very exciting finale 🙂

  4. Hmm … for some reason there are no acting credits listed yet on IMDB for Jason Krasinski in last week’s episode, but they’ve already got tonight’s up.

    Could it be because the show didn’t want anyone to know he played the graphic design guy until tonight’s episode airs?


  5. Great episode. I actually laughed again, a lot. And I love that they “resolved” a lot of things without ending story lines, etc. Great job by the writers on this one. After a few weeks of seemingly torture, the past two weeks were funny and brought the whole thing together. I’m relieved. 🙂

  6. Woah … I stole those predictions from my husband. He was pretty darn close!
    I’m glad they streamlined the Pam getting into design school thing. I was scared they were going to make it dramatic and put a burden on her relationship with Jim. Glad they didn’t go there.

  7. Fantastic show last night. In case you missed it:

    I don’t think anybody saw Jan’s pregnancy coming! The whole sperm bank angle was weird, why not let it be Michael’s? It’s all he wants in life. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be his after all. How much would his ego love it if his sperm made it through three vasectomies?

    I’m happy for Dwight (well, if he ends up with her. I can’t condone their extra marital hanky panky). But I feel bad for Andy. I kinda like that guy.

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