Can somebody please tell me what the heck has happened to Ryan Howard? You know … the guy who hit 47 homers and drove in 136 runs for the Phillies last season? The guy who is currently hitting .182?

Has there been some mistake? Is this Ryan Howard playing first base for the Phillies instead? What’s going on here?

Oh yeah … the curse.


6 thoughts on “.182?

  1. I wouldn’t normally blog about Phillies baseball. But I drafted Howard pretty high in my fantasy league and keep playing him religiously hoping eventually he’ll snap out of it.

    Last night an easy double play ball hit him square in the middle of his glove and he dropped it. All he had to do was close his glove!

    Worst of all – he’s on our league’s can’t cut list! Which means I couldn’t drop him if I wanted to. And if I trade him, I’m not going to get squat!

    I’m starting to take it personally.

  2. Ouch, yea that is kinda harsh. I don’t know about his playing, I typically only hear about his poor batting. It is kinda scary though, he won arbitration, and he’s not showing anything for it.

  3. Sometimes a stint in the minors can work wonders. If he’s not above .250 by the end of June they should give it serious consideration.

    I wonder what’s in those Subway Steak ‘n Cheese subs he’s been pimping.

  4. it’s may. look at your skanks last may. they still made the post-season. and manny ramirez had a “bad” season last year, but is killing it so far. still early (so don’t worry jim!).

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