Celebrity welcome for Obama in Oregon

It was a rock star’s welcome for US presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama on Sunday as he campaigned in Oregon, with a record crowd of 75,000 turning up to hear him speak.

Obama greeted the crowd, who had gathered on the banks of the Willamette River in Portland, with “Wow! Wow! Wow”, the New York Times reported.

The newspaper said the Obama campaign’s previous biggest crowd was 35,000 when he spoke at the Independence Mall in Philadelphia.


4 thoughts on “75,000!

  1. That’s completely insane. Who ever heard of that many people turning out for a political rally? Can you imagine the turnout this guy’s going to get once he’s officially the nominee?

  2. I am so excited!

    I will go to a rally somewhere with an obama shirt take a picture and you can throw it up. Maybe like cut and paste you and me in the crowd somewhere with our Obama noise makers!

  3. so i’m @ 10 cent wing night an hour ago and these two guys at the bar were arguing over obama, and i’m thinking “this is rhode island. who let the republican in?” 😉

    then again, we do have a republican governor. who is a total bastard, btw (example: he made huge cuts to the mental health budget, which affects me personally and all those i work with & for, and his own sister is mentally retarded!!!). how does that happen, anyways? romney in mass is similar. confusing.

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