Cook it is!

For those of you just getting back from your vacation in space, David Cook was the big winner in last night’s American Idol finale.

Although I felt that David Archuleta had a stronger performance on Tuesday’s show, if you take the whole thing into consideration Cook was absolutely the right choice. Let’s face it, he had this thing in the bag after he punched Lionel Richie in the face.

But I think we can all agree that in the end we were all losers for having to see David Archuleta dance around in his underwear during that Guitar Hero ad. Yikes!


10 thoughts on “Cook it is!

  1. My personal feeling was that Archuleta needed it more than Cook did. They were both good for different reasons, but in the end Cook was the better singer, and didn’t need to win. He was going to go onto to bigger and better things anyway.

  2. I really don’t think that he’s going to have his hands tied creatively. That was what he brought to the show, and why he won. They’d be foolish to take that away from him.

    Case in point – like you said – Carrie Underwood. She’s such a strong performer now, way better than she was on the show. She’s gotten the benefit of working with top notch producers, doing extensive touring, having amazing marketing support for her album, etc.

    I hardly think David Cook is looking at being a quaranteed millionaire and having buyers remorse.

  3. when carrie came out last night my husband said he was sure he saw her walking the streets of camden. not shocked but disappointed to see miss ‘giving jesus the wheel’ all trampy in my opinion. i mean those front couple rows got more than a show!

  4. he looks like jimmy fallon. and i’ll have to re-check this when i get home and the site isn’t blocked, but he punched lionel?!?! was it for having nicole as a daughter? yeah, i’d have done the same 🙂

  5. hey thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. i agree with the david archuleta in his underwear thing. trying to erase the image in my mind. anyway, so happy david cook won. you’re right about hello. that was just special.:)

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